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From Wall Street to Occupy Wall StreetI listened to this podcast lately, and thought some of you guys might enjoy it: Cathy O'Neil from Wall Street to Occupy Wall Street Here's the description: Cathy O'Neil, data scientist and blogger at, talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about her journey from Wall Street to... 2 years 12 months
Semi-Casual ShoesI recently got a new job, and the dress code is pretty casual. We can even wear jeans and tennis shoes. I'm looking for some shoes that are semi-casual -- something that can be worn with slacks and jeans. Any recommendations? 3 years 10 months
Business Casual Just curious what some of you guys would consider good places to shop for business casual attire? I'm starting a new job soon, and since the dress code is business casual I'm looking to go shopping soon. 3 years 10 months
What Are Various Measures Of Credit Risk?I'm curious about the various ways that people quantify credit risk. So far, I can really only think of two methods for measuring credit risk: 1) Credit Ratings / Credit Scores 2) Estimating the likelihood that someone will default on a loan over a specified time period What else is there? 3 years 11 months
Resume Question: GPA On or Off?I've been working for about a year and before that was in grad school -- I graduated from undergrad in December of 2008. Should my undergrad GPA still be on my resume, or is it time to take it off (in case it matters, my undergrad GPA is a 3.75)? P.S. Not sure if this matters, but I'll... 3 years 12 months
Which Finance Jobs Leverage Knowledge of SQL...Lately, I've been teaching myself SQL and SAS. So I've been wondering, what (if any) types of finance jobs could I land with these skills? I decided to post the question on WSO, since many of you are much more knowledgeable about finance (and finance careers) than I am. When I say finance, I... 4 years 4 weeks
Paul Graham: How to Make WealthI recently stumbled across this article, and wanted to share it with you guys (since it's insightful and thought provoking): Here are a couple of my favorite sections: [quote]That [salary] averaging [with your coworkers] gets to be a problem. I think the... 4 years 2 months
Shanghai, Seoul, or Japan: Where Should I Go?I'm considering moving to either Shanghai, Seoul, or Japan and teaching English. I'm so torn between all three places and I keep thinking I have my mind made up, but then I read some cool shit about one of the other places and I get confused again lol. If any of you guys have advice/comments on... 4 years 4 months
Where to cash in old bonds? My parents recently found some bonds (I think they're municipal bonds, but I don't know for sure) that were given to me by family members 20-some years ago. The thing is, I have no idea how to go about cashing them, so I'm hoping you guys can help me figure it out. 4 years 5 months
Cheap Tech Ventures To Undertake?So, after a quarter of a century, I finally know what I want to do with my life. I want to own (and run) businesses. I'm driven to be an entrepreneur for the freedom and challenge, just as much as the (potential) financial upside. And, because I am driven by the freedom and autonomy, it's very... 4 years 7 months


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Here's another list of programs + info: http://...Here's another list of programs + info: I also think it could be effective to just hire a tutor or mentor and learn that way (along with self-study, of course). Here's a site that offers paid... 1 year 11 months
I wouldn't say your email is that bad, but it...I wouldn't say your email is that bad, but it definitely could be better. The biggest mistake you made was listing the times that work for you. Never forget that this guy would be doing you a favor, not the other way around. He probably interpreted that as you being an arrogant prick. (I'm not... 2 years 3 months
Hey Andy, here are some good resources:https://...Hey Andy, here are some good resources: 2 years 3 months
Nomadchimp: Where are you at the moment? I'm...[quote=Nomadchimp]Where are you at the moment?[/quote] I'm in the USA right now, but plan on heading back to Asia in a couple of months (most likely to Taipei). 2 years 5 months
Does anybody know about non-teaching jobs in big...Does anybody know about non-teaching jobs in big Asian cities (like Taipei, Shanghai, Seoul, etc.) for expats? Teaching seems like an alright gig for one or two years, but after that I imagine it feels like a dead-end job. So I'm wondering what other opportunities exist for expats? I'm thinking... 2 years 5 months
Whenever I read about South Korea, I hear a bunch...Whenever I read about South Korea, I hear a bunch of negative stuff. People seem to complain that they're not that happy living there and that Koreans are xenophobic. Basically, they just complain that life is miserable there. See these two blogs for examples on what I'm talking about: http://... 2 years 6 months
Edmundo Braverman: Most of us older guys...[quote=Edmundo Braverman]Most of us older guys remember some guy from college who bailed and became a bartender in Ibiza and just enjoyed his life instead of chasing a buck. On some level, we're all envious of that guy.[/quote] Damn straight. Sitting in a cubicle for 40+ hours a week is a joke... 2 years 6 months
RSLA: If you aren't already clear on why this...[quote=RSLA] If you aren’t already clear on why this is a problem, I’ll help you out. EVERY woman can see this application, and you CAN’T. The only thing the man can see is his biography and that he indeed exists on the system. The only way to see if you’re on there is to download the app and log... 2 years 8 months
AllDay_028: Major bump. Parts of finance are...[quote=AllDay_028]Major bump. Parts of finance are really cool and interesting. What they don't tell you is that anything you will be doing in most finance jobs is fucking boring as hell even if it is somehow related to the interesting and cool parts.[/quote] Haha, good point. I think that is... 2 years 8 months
I don't think most IT consulting firms will...I don't think most IT consulting firms will expect you to code. However, if you are interested in tech related stuff, it might be beneficial to learn some coding. You can wait until you already have a job in IT though, and then learn coding on the side (either through self-study, a degree, or a... 2 years 8 months
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