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Buy or RentFor all the incoming Analysts and analysts of the past; do you plan on buying or renting your residence? At the moment I'm debating whether or not to purchase a condo while serving my time as an analyst at a mid-western investment bank. I've saved an appropriate amount of money for the necessary... 9 years 2 months
Advocates for Global WarmingFace it, being Investment Bankers most of us are forced to deal with the Cold weather of NYC and Chicago. But why settle for that? The answer is, it doesn't have to be so damn cold. All we have to do is pollute so that our atmosphere will turn into a greenhouse and conserve the heat. Just imagine,... 9 years 2 months
Where do you see yourself...Is everyone on this site planning on finishing their careers in the investment banking field? Anyone plan on making a move outside of Investment Banking or Private Equity? Where do you see yourself in the future? And please don 9 years 2 months


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holymonkey: If you're confident that later you...[quote=holymonkey]If you're confident that later you can rent the condo for equal to or more than your mortgage payment and property taxes, go for it. BTW, here's a way to minimize your payment (esp if you plan to sell it later on): INTEREST-ONLY mortgage. Basically, you're required to ONLY Pay... 9 years 2 months
I wonder how many investment bankers make the...I wonder how many investment bankers make the move to politics. I know Mitt Romney (a fellow Michigander) was in Private Equity and Consulting, in fact I think he co-founded Bain Capital... IB to Public Service makes a lot of sense, especially considering all the special interest donations you... 9 years 2 months
Definitely. You can retire mid-40s after a stint...Definitely. You can retire mid-40s after a stint as an MD. 9 years 2 months
I think the two biggest things you need to show...I think the two biggest things you need to show are a hunger to break in and even more important than that, Personality. No offense to any superstars out there but from my experience a lot of banks find hungry charasmatic people refreshing and all together enjoyable to work with. There is... 9 years 2 months
I'm curious, if you do work for a top MM firm,...I'm curious, if you do work for a top MM firm, and would like to make a lateral move to a BB is it more or less difficult to make the move? I would assume easier since your more marketable as an analyst with experience. 9 years 2 months
mikesdaboss: "intricacies of valuing a company"...[quote=mikesdaboss]"intricacies of valuing a company" really? is it really that intricate to slap the EBITDA multiple your VP tells you to produce a valuation for a company? is calculating a DCF really that intricate? clearly, you are not an ibanker. "If you are in the field of... 9 years 2 months
Congratualtions. That's just the determination...Congratualtions. That's just the determination necessary to get into this industry when you aren't coming from a target school. It's tough, but it can be done. 9 years 2 months
Back to this comment: mikesdaboss: nobody really...Back to this comment: [quote=mikesdaboss]nobody really cares about EBITDA multiples and shit..if you do, you need more hobbies. we aren't interested, we just put up with it.[/quote] If you are that disinterested in the intricacies of valuing a company or searching for logic in a deal, stay... 9 years 2 months
In the case of a stock sale the shareholders of...In the case of a stock sale the shareholders of the acquired company must agree to sell their stock at the agreed upon price. When it is cash and stock, a certain amount of shares are given up in addition to cash compensation. 9 years 2 months
iwannabeabanker: "I'm sure that even if they...[quote=iwannabeabanker]"I'm sure that even if they tell exactly what the life is like and what they will be doing, a lot of kids will still apply since they think they can do it." What does a first year analyst really do? I am VERY interested in applying for a analyst position and am very... 9 years 2 months
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