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How about Blankfein having his spot blown up today I think he broke a sweat 5 years 5 months
UBS Lev Fin/Financial SponsorsThoughts on deal flow, culture, bonuses, exit ops (particularly to PE/HF) would be greatly appreciated. Is job stability an issue (ie legit worry about more cuts throughout IBD)? Thanks! 5 years 7 months
BB IBD (Coverage Group) vs Boutique M&A for...Deciding between two offers in terms of placement into PE a few years out. I know they prefer M&A/lev fin, but are you at a serious disadvantage coming out of an industry group? Also thoughts on Financial Sponsors would be appreciated as well. Thanks! 5 years 7 months
Masters degree = more $$???Curious to know if a non-MBA masters degree in business (finance, accounting, etc) would command a slightly higher salary than just a BA... 5 years 8 months
Interest Expense Loop in ExcelY do you get a feedback loop in excel for interest expense when modeling? 5 years 8 months


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What's the difference between leveraged...lev fin is a product group that does HY debt, leveraged loans, mezzanine debt, etc. it's modeling intensive, long hours and execution based FS is technically an industry group, but because of all the LBO modeling and the exposure they get to sponsors (PE) they share similar exit ops with M... 5 years 2 weeks
What is the hardest part about Analyst training?wow...bitching about 90s...i really hope u idiots are trolling. get real and enjoy training u'll be slaves for the next 2-3 years 5 years 2 weeks
Ideas for weekend job in nyc to cover unpaid...bartend 5 years 3 weeks
Video Interview of the Hot ex-Citi BankerStop giving her attention. 5 years 3 weeks
Vector Marketingmy sister did it and made money. again depends on your salesmanship...likely won't look that great on the resume tho for recruiting 5 years 3 weeks
Ben Graham's The Intelligent Investorreally dense reading. he writes like an academic and i hate school so it wasn't that pleasant. read the cliff notes 5 years 3 weeks
UBS ER position2 rounds. i had 5 at final round. MD's ED's and associates 5 years 1 month
Loan Syndications^leveraged loan syndication is. 5 years 1 month
Tax consultingtax consultant with aspirations for HR? you should probably go somewhere else if you want relevant/serious feedback. trolls are merciless here 5 years 1 month
Volcker Rule and BB prop desksyou won't get laid off. instead of working for a bank you'll work for one of the pe/hf that will invariably buy all the prop desks. 5 years 1 month