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Breaking News: New Alexey Vayner?The new Aleksey Vayner has just hit Wall Street. I don't know how to upload files nor have the time to do so but there is an applicant from the University of Florida who recently applied to Goldman Sachs. Typical story right? Unfortunately his resume and cover letter were so unique that this... 3 years 6 months
Why do I have silver bananas?For some reason I got an email from Patrick about "silver bananas". I don't care for any of it but supposedly it is suspicious. This is quite ridiculous since I could give a rat's ass about virtual "bananas". I assume from reading my past posts that some retard is following me around and giving me... 6 years 2 weeks
Large banks exit TARP (BoA, C, WFC)Who else called this? Its quite easy to understand that if one goes, the others follow, but I didn't expect something this soon (within hours) from Citi and WFC. Were you guys surprised by the news? Seems like you'll see alot more growth potential and freedom with respects to BoA/C/WF. A trader... 6 years 1 month
Nautic PartnersHow is this PE firm? Their website is here: Any info is appreciated. It seems to be either a 1.5-2.5 billion AUM sized firm, I was wondering if this was a good firm to interview for? Obviously not KKR or a megafund but none of my coworkers are seeing that kind of... 6 years 2 months
Bankers looking down on each otherFor those in the business, do you guys ever judge other bankers based on their groups? I was out with some friends today and met some other bankers. The first thing asked is "where do you work" followed by "what group". So we exchanged info and as I'm walking away one of my friends starts... 6 years 2 months
Chances for Top PE firm?3.5 GPA from Top Private, 3.9 Major GPA (Finance) Lower BB/Big Bank (UBS, BoA, Wells, Etc.) Group: Top feeder, good reputation within bank (M... 6 years 3 months
Worst/Best Names for Banks?Not sure if this should go in this forum since its about investment banks, or the monkeying around one. Oh well. What do you guys think are some bad names for banks? Hopefully this can be a more fun thread rather than flaming and arguing as we are not discussing reputation or deal flow. For... 6 years 3 months
How much does it matter which Bank you're at?Before this board, I've always assumed to go for the big name banks (BB's) and I believe most college juniors/seniors do the same, afterall its the names they know. But for Investment Banking in our current market, how much does the bank reputation matter between: Bulge Brackets, Top MM's and Elite... 6 years 3 months
Best Threads on WSO?So I'm browsing the Fame forum and there are only around 10 or so threads. I'm sure there have been past hilarious threads (such as with blumie and London). Can we list links of past hilarious and epic threads here? 6 years 3 months


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This is why you don't work in asia and you don't...This is why you don't work in asia and you don't work at ubs. 5 years 11 months
eric you are discounting the later banker. Sales...eric you are discounting the later banker. Sales is first of all an easy bullshit thing to do. VPs and MD's in banking have it much better than associates/analysts. Exit ops are not to be ignored either. PE/VC/HF are all easier coming out of banking than trading. fundamental HF's are a shoe-in... 5 years 11 months
They're separate groups, that's all I'm going to...They're separate groups, that's all I'm going to say. Some aholes tried to out me by asking me questions through PM so I won't be responding to specific group inquiries anymore. The difference has already been discussed, run a search. Here's a site 5 years 11 months
Oh I get it now, you didn't read the thread at...Oh I get it now, you didn't read the thread at all you simply wanted to plug in how great Goldman Sachs is. Well dont' worry we all know it is the bees knees. Another retarded college kid who knows nothing. You're also not very... 5 years 11 months
Tothedeath are you fucking retarded? Those are...Tothedeath are you fucking retarded? Those are all Goldman Sachs and all the links are to one PE firm. I can find GS anything at any fucking megafund, including FIG and energy which pidgeonholes anywhere else. Monkey and I even discussed this since GS TMT and other groups DO THEIR OWN MODELING+M... 5 years 11 months
You can do whatever you want in your free time....You can do whatever you want in your free time. Go get food, meet up with a friend in the city, post on WSO. 5 years 11 months
Barclays. Last is RBC.Barclays. Last is RBC. 5 years 11 months
I still haven't gotten those links, what happened...I still haven't gotten those links, what happened? DB is weak for banking, but their best group is probably levfin. Look at the rankings for proof. But it's like I said, it depends on dealflow and experience. No one is a psychic, you could have a horrible year in levfin or in M... 5 years 11 months
My only quarrel with you is that you are so...My only quarrel with you is that you are so biased you refuse to understand that "exceptions" are huge. No one gives a shit about mid market either so stop bringing up random b.s. into this. Maybe you have a huge bias coming from MS but at banks like Citi and BAML, M... 5 years 11 months
Are you flame? Who the fuck cares about ecm/dcm,...Are you flame? Who the fuck cares about ecm/dcm, that's not my main issue with your post. You also fail to spell "definitely" correctly. I'm glad you worked in MS M... 5 years 11 months
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