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RE investing - establish company?Looking to invest some funds into RE for renting (several apartments/homes). Is it tax beneficial to set up a company vs doing it thru my own income taxes? Does the answer change if I have a couple of investors? Also curious if going the company route....what company structure would be best (s-... 7 3 years 1 month
Books for interviewing candidatesAnyone know any good books/must read books for those who are interviewing candidates? 3 years 7 months
How bonuses are setQuestion for those in IB...the bank I work at pools its bonus pool and there's a standardized bonus for each bucket, regardless if your group killed it or flopped (read: socialism). Is this methodology consistent at other banks or are there some that give higher bonuses for groups that did better... 8 3 years 8 months
Networking question - new job opportunityI'm currently at a BB bank but would like to move out to a new group outside of banking. I interned at a F100 company and am meeting with some of the senior people I met or worked with while I was there. What's the best way to ask/broach the issue of job opportunities? I did reject an offer to... 4 4 years 2 days
Levered ETF's for the long runHypothetically, if 401k's and roth iras would let you invest in levered index funds (S... 3 5 years 7 months
Adivce needed: Latering into BB's ABS group/...I'm looking for some advice related to lateraling into a BB and also the structured credit hf industry. Background: I'm currently an analyst doing trade receivables ABS. What's the process like for latering into a BB's ABS group (doing trade receivables or MBS/CLO/etc...)? I'm... 1 5 years 10 months
Volunteering while working in IBTo the IB guys already working: Do any of you at the analyst level do volunteer work (charity, hospital, library, etc...) on the weekends? Or is this simply not recommended. Any input would be great. If you do volunteer, what places do you recommend? Thanks!! 10 5 years 11 months
Percent Profit QuestionWondering what industry practice is regarding this question: I run my own fund with my own money. On Jan 1st I begin with $100 and 6 months later I make $20 profit. I then add in another $100 of my own money (so July 1st I now have $220). In the remaining 6 months of the year I make $50... 3 6 years 3 months
Online Trading Platform: Interactive BrokersHas anyone used this site before? I'm thinking about switching from Scottrade to this site since it offers lower fees and seems to get better execution prices (based on NBBOs). Here's a link: Thanks! 4 6 years 3 months
Good Credit Books to ReadI'm starting a new role doing ABS this coming summer and am curious what kind of literature is out there that I should read (credit related, etc...). Thanks! 6 years 5 months


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You should be fine. I'd go for the latter tie.You should be fine. I'd go for the latter tie. 157 3 months 3 days
63 is the easiest of the 7, 79, 63. I'd do 4-5...63 is the easiest of the 7, 79, 63. I'd do 4-5 tests and skim the book. I spent about one day prepping. 60 5 months 5 days
I was on a conference call where one of the...I was on a conference call where one of the people speaking has a thick accent. Senior MD on the other line didn't mute his phone and says to the other bankers in his room, "I can't understand him." 15 10 months 1 week
Most IBs have black cars for analysts to take at...Most IBs have black cars for analysts to take at night 7 3 years 6 hours
IB is just basic math (+,-,/,x). Some of the...IB is just basic math (+,-,/,x). Some of the more mathematically technical IB groups (securitization group in DCM) might use a little more complicated math. 6 3 years 6 hours
Very funny - good chuckleVery funny - good chuckle 87 3 years 3 days
Realistically it'll be more difficult as not all...Realistically it'll be more difficult as not all companies will sponsor you. Is recommend keeping your options open in terms of work...I'd look at both the US and Singapore, this will increase your odds. Especially with Singapore becoming a new financial powerhouse in Southeast Asia this... 11 3 years 4 days
Don't over think the situation. Coming from...Don't over think the situation. Coming from someone who's interviewed candidates and followed up on thank you emails, we basically want to respond and defer tipping you off until HR contacts you. 6 3 years 4 days
pm'dpm'd 6 3 years 4 days
Wreak Peace: They announced an additional 55...[quote=Wreak Peace]They announced an additional 55 billion dollars in stock buybacks[/quote] Right. The idea here is that the market believes investors can generate a better return on the cash being returned than Apple can generate on its cash (typically a company would reinvest most of this... 5 3 years 4 days
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