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savings before MBA?just curious - for those guys in MBA programs or starting soon - how much savings did you have prior to starting? i can't tell if i've been fiscally irresponsible - but will have about 50k after 4 years working in nyc - 1 yr in banking, 3 at a startup. i definitely made less than my finance friends... 2 years 2 months
MGMAT Prep Login - 6 practice testsHey - I've got the 6 practice set for sale. Goes for $75 now, will sell for $45. I bought on Feb 3 2011, so 8 months left (expires in a year). PM if serious. 3 years 1 month
Best GMAT Practice TestsHey guys - aside from Manhattan GMAT - what other brands would suggest for online practice tests? I've heard many times the Manhattan tests are a bit tougher than the real one (so likely good prep), but would like to try some other brands. Thanks 3 years 5 months
B School Essays - Year to YearI realize this might be a naive question - but how often do all the questions for H/S/W/M7 schools application essays change year to year? For example- I think HBS releases their bschool essays in May of the year, prior to R1. Thanks 3 years 9 months
Austin, TXOk - so I had never been here before until last weekend, and had a a blast. Food is awesome, music scene - Girls are amazing (college and professional), nightlife is pretty fun. Apt buildings are brand new - quality and cost of living are amazing. Not trying to start a this city vs. that city... 3 years 10 months
B School Essays/ApplicationJust curious - for those who have applied in the past - how long did it take for you to get your application together? I realize this is pretty subjective, but as I anticipate applying next year, I wanted to get a sense for the time to budget for essays/recos/etc. Thanks 3 years 10 months
Article on being a Summer Analyst"Fewer Perks and More Work for Wall St.’s Summer Interns" Good article on being a summer analyst, aside from the fact that i think when I SA'ed, everyone worked long hours, it wasn't a breeze by any means- takes me back to that time when you still had a year of college left... 3 years 11 months
Tiger GlobalJust curious if anyone knows anyone junior at Tiger Global (Chase Coleman) - someone who is maybe post an i-banking analyst program or around there. Just curious about culture/general experience. Would prefer this not turn into a typical how awesome Tiger/Chase/Julian thread is etc. - just want to... 3 years 11 months
Squash in NYCAnyone in a squash club/league in NYC? Looking to get into it - used to play tennis competitively, and squash recreationally, 4 years 15 hours
B-School Fun/Camaraderie?Might be re-hashing, but I'm sure there are a few bschool grads from top 15 programs on here. Would be interested in hearing about the social experience from bschool. I work with a bunch of HBS/Tuck/CBS alums, and all in all sounds like a fun experience, where people built some good friendships,... 4 years 2 months


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savings before MBA?thanks guys - to the person who made the point most people not having these six figure salaries - absolutely correct. i left that world after my first year since i couldn't stand doing it. i will likely have have $100k-$120 k in debt by graduation - effectively borrowing all tuition and... 2 years 1 month
Best GMAT Practice Teststhanks guys are there any brands of tests that are a good reflection of the real thing? 3 years 5 months
2012 B School Roll Callshort - 700 seems low for HBS, but still worth a shot, no? 3 years 9 months
Graduating into a Bad EconomyComp - are you in bschool/HBS now? 3 years 9 months
Sagent Advisors? Culture varies by office - the place used to have a better culture, but since the deals don't come as easily, and the ranks have ramped up, it certainly can be sweatshop hours depending which group/who you work for. ny office has ramped up MDs very heavily in last 9 months - and yes analysts... 3 years 9 months
Wow. B-school really is that crazy i think most appealing about b school is the network on a personal level - sure its amazing professionally, but you don't get many chances to make good friends like you do in college, high school, etc. very few jobs or professional environments allow you to be in that academic environment where you... 3 years 9 months
2012 B School Roll Callshort - what happened to HBS? 3 years 9 months
Wow. B-school really is that crazy hah was he at HBS? 3 years 9 months
Austin, TXthanks for the post - admittedly - the dilemma is b school for me. if I go soonish (at my current company), my chances at H/S/W are quite high - going to austin is more or less a pass on bschool since it reduces my chances at H/S/W (I would only consider these schools), but might be more fulfilling... 3 years 10 months
Austin, TXagreed - it actually felt the opposite even, with girls being super outgoing which is a nice change from NYC (that and they were hotter than the average girl here). NYC nightlife great, and the range of options can't be beat - but to be honest i was loving the super chill bars/lounges on the... 3 years 10 months