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Anyone have the hots for their associate?Anyone ever have a thing for him or her? Being cooped up for 16 hours in the day... needing to release tension? I have one particular female associate who is pretty eye-catching. She's the type with a beautiful face that makes you go wow, she's beautiful. Add a petite body... and a a great... 29 5 years 6 months
Stay in my group for the people or move for...An MD from another group would like me to join her group. I do like my current group and the people are growing on me, plus my hours aren't as insane as the other group. Yet the other group has a good reputation and will lead to better exit ops. Is it worth it to move for better exit opps a bit... 1 5 years 7 months
Staying up to date with news/dealsI've been processing too many slides and crap to really see the big picture out there. How do you keep up with all the deals and economic news out there? None of the analysts in my bullpen like to talk about what's going on in the economy, just retarded topics like drinking, clubbing, and... 10 5 years 7 months
Making a move to McKinsey after first year IB?Is it probable? I am not clear on how a move from banking will be perceived in the consulting industry. Would it be better to try for McKinsey after your first year or second year in banking? 5 years 8 months
List of common perceptions on WSOWas wondering if we could establish a list of common perceptions (true or not) tossed around on WSO. One day I'll take a look and either laugh or kick myself for not listening. examples: - Must do PE pre-MBA or it'll be hard to find a PE gig post-MBA. - Capital markets pigeonholes you and... 13 5 years 11 months
How much does it matter where you start out?I was doing my bi-monthly Linkedin stalking re-ranking all my connections in excel and was shocked to discover that this girl I know at a semi-semi-target happened to land a MBB gig and an IB internship at a BB the summer before. All the years I've known her I didn't really expect this to... 9 5 years 11 months
Jealousy in the office?If anyone has anecdotes of office jealousy, I'd love to hear them. example: MD Pet GS generalist Max LePower finds out that his bitter rival DB state-school ECM group Tyler McFuckup going to KKR NY (not as a janitor). 4 5 years 11 months
Career as a GMAT tutor / career advisor?This is perplexing: I was browsing Craigslist late at night and came across a Harvard ugrad in Applied Math/Econ who is offering GMAT tutoring services. It seems like this guy is offering them as his full job as I didn't see any indicators of transitioning to other jobs/school on his website. I... 3 5 years 11 months
Do I have to buy expensive high fashion attire?If I buy a sub $300 suit, sub $100 dress shoes, $30 tie, and $45 dress shirt as my business attire will I be ostracized at work? I'm poor and have student loans to pay, but I feel like if I want to be one of the good old boys at work I'll have to buy some cuff-links, ferragamo shoes, ferragamo... 15 5 years 11 months
Is it bad that I try to steer students to IB?Whenever a student asks me for career advice and they are looking to go into business, my instant reaction is IB (or consulting). I always tell them to try and get IB internships or top consulting internships for the exit opps. in that it's well respected and they could certainly move to a... 48 5 years 11 months


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yikes, why u MBB folk get so offended when...yikes, why u MBB folk get so offended when compared with similar firms? don't like being mentioned in the same breath? 184 5 months 3 weeks
Deloitte is top, just check vault.Deloitte is top, just check vault. 184 5 months 3 weeks
Boutique Ibank Corpfin Commercial Banking comm...Boutique Ibank Corpfin Commercial Banking comm banking is not poor man's ibanking, it's totally different..... corp fin is much more related. check out special boutiques like Piper Jaffray for positions 174 2 years 4 weeks
McK is good at everything, take McK and NEVER...McK is good at everything, take McK and NEVER look back. In fact you'll be looking down if you do. 33 5 years 3 months
i don't know, why don't you look up the factset...i don't know, why don't you look up the factset formula? 12 5 years 6 months
Definitely such a thing as a hot associate, in...Definitely such a thing as a hot associate, in fact there are probably two others on my floor. As for lower standards, when it's 4am and you're god damn miserable working on slides, any warm body or watermelon with a hole will do. I still know what's hot, I just care less and less about ugly... 29 5 years 6 months
I'm fortunate that she's not married, seems...I'm fortunate that she's not married, seems single. that or she love to pull late nights. I keep hoping that one late night she'll come up behind me and softly whisper in my ear all the things that she has been wanting to say to me... the whole boss subordinate thing just makes her seem way older... 29 5 years 6 months
Depends on your risk appetite. Sure you have a...Depends on your risk appetite. Sure you have a stable FT job and will have the chance to apply for a top 10 MBA, but would you give that up for a top investment bank opportunity that might lead into a FT opportunity and beyond? If it were me I would go with JPM internship in a heartbeat because... 39 5 years 10 months
That huge salary is so that after you pay off...That huge salary is so that after you pay off government officials you'll be able to afford a few potatoes and a bottle of vodka. 6 5 years 10 months
Not yet but I'm planning to buy a BMW 1 series...Not yet but I'm planning to buy a BMW 1 series convertible with the license plate "SO HYPHY" once I get my bonus. There is just no substitute for a nice car. West coast represent. 29 5 years 10 months
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