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Panama City Beach- DisgustingA few months ago I saw a topic in regard to spring break. I am well aware half this board is college students, and as a college senior who just got back, I wanted to warn all of the juniors/sophs who will be hopefully be going on spring break next year. I figured this would be a different change... 5 years 3 months


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I'm A Former Trader Who Now Owns A Food...Hey man, do you have any specific place you're usually stationed at in Hoboken? Would love to give a WSO-ER some business (and I do love pulled pork). I can't tell you how many times I would have killed for some late night BBQ only to have to settle for pizza outside of Green Rock/Teak, etc. 1 year 2 months
Post your favorite song right nowAnyone going to SHM in December at MSG ? (or know someone who has tickets?) Im aware sold out in a few minutes, but Id rather give the $ to someone selling it on WSO than some random board. 3 years 9 months
Frugal Financiers -- Ballin' on a Budgetthis is an incredible idea. networking and saving wise. Going off this, our new analyst mentioned something about dating and money today, so Im going to contribute this: Monkeys, let me let you in on a little secret, one that you all already know but dont want to admit, as I know a lot of my... 3 years 9 months
Goodbye, BO to FO JumpOK not to be an asshole.... See myself, Monty, Bondarb, and half of the other traders on this board for BO to FO jump. This has been discussed ad nauseum. See the last Rogue trader that came from ops, I believe most if not all of us made the jump after this. 3 years 9 months
Post your favorite song right nowI love how theres so much house on here.... Alesso is the Avicii of this guy to blow up like crazy.... "Calling" with Seb Ingrosso of SHM is blowing up on the same lines of Levels by Avicii.... "Ohhhh sometimes I get a good feeling .....yeahhhh...get a feeling that I never never... 3 years 9 months
What's the Matter with RIMM?RIMM price from here on out? Anyone? Anyone? I see mid-teens by end year. 3 years 11 months
Did the stimulus save or destroy jobs?[quote=jktecon]I would suggest providing capital to the businesses that are actually producing something and are the most productive (if your goal is to bosst American economy then the business should have majority of its production within this country). Why should banks be bailed out? Because they... 4 years 5 days
Did the stimulus save or destroy jobs?VT, your post just reeks of "Economics in One Lesson" by Henry Hazlitt..... 4 years 5 days
Back Office Intern to S&T/QuantRead posts by Bondarb or Monty. Seriously. Search function dude, not to be a dick, this has been beaten to death. 4 years 1 week
Post your favorite song right nowDidnt realize there were that many house fans on here.....anyone go to Ultra this past year? SHM is sick....... Save the world is a good track but I liked One & Miami to Ibiza better... Best song right now probably is Blessed or Rapture or pretty much anything by Avicii, guy is on a roll... 4 years 3 weeks