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What Is Your GMAT Prep StrategyHey all. I have decided to go back for my MBA as the current job market suck big time for me. I will be taking the GMAT most likely at the end of August or something in September. My plan is to study 5 days a week for about 6 weeks, 3 or 4 hours each day. I'm hoping to get a score in the mid... 2 2 years 9 months
OppenheimerFundsHi, does anyone work at OppenheimerFunds that could give me some insight into the company? I'm looking more for the culture, environment, pay scale, people, and how easy it would be to move up. 1 2 years 10 months
SMB CapitalSMB Capital. I'm just wondering if anyone on WSO works here and could tell me a little bit about the firm. Thanks. 6 5 years 4 months
Best Time of the Year to NetworkAnyone know when's the best time to start networking with alumns/professionals and asking for the hookups? 1 5 years 5 months
WSO Interview GuideHey, does anybody know which WSO guide I should get for an S&T Interview? And what are your thoughts on the WSO interview guide. 5 years 5 months
Keefe, Bruyette & WoodsHey, does anyone know anything about Keefe's Sales and Trading division? I'd like to kkow about their culture, their recruiting for full time and what their interviews consist of. Any other information you have that's not easily found on the internet would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 1 5 years 5 months
Alumni NetworkingI was looking through my university alumni connection directory and found one guy who is the director of Quant Trading at a BB. I recently graduated and trying to find a S... 2 5 years 9 months
Visteon Corporation. What's your opinion?Visteon Corporation VSTNQ. What do you guys think of the stock? Their stock price bounced over 300% in one day Friday. What's your opinion on this stock. 1 6 years 1 month
Citigroup TradersI was just wondering if there are any traders that work for citigroup here. I will be starting in the GTS group as a FT analyst this summer. I am hoping to transition to one of the trading desks at citigroup after a year or so and I'd like to get to know some of the traders working at citigroup... 1 6 years 2 months
Operations to S&TI was just wondering how hard is it to go from operations to sales and trading, specifically trading. I know operations is a BO to MO, leaning more towards BO type of job, but what are the possibilities of moving into trading. Can anyone who has done the switch comment on this topic, and how they... 6 years 4 months


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McKinsey is the top consulting firm in the US....McKinsey is the top consulting firm in the US. Some other top firms are BCG, Deloitte, and Mercer. 184 5 months 1 week
It's good if you have previous internships, but...It's good if you have previous internships, but they're also looking for someone that has leadership skills. Someone that they think can come out of the FMP and rise through the ranks. I am a finance/accounting major, so I think that helped a lot. Most of the people they took were finance/... 230 2 years 2 months
I have interviewed with GE for their FMP program...I have interviewed with GE for their FMP program. They came to campus to recruit and invited about 12 people for interviews. After that, I was one of three to go on to the second round which was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, all expenses paid. They gave me a job offer about two or three weeks later... 230 2 years 2 months
Anyone?Anyone? 1 2 years 9 months
Ambition: like i said i would love HK but I can...[quote=Ambition]like i said i would love HK but I can speak any of the native languages there[/quote] You really don't need to be able to speak cantonese. It's very diverse and you'll do fine with English and a lot of hand motions. 251 4 years 8 months
If you guys ever get a chance, Hong Kong is...If you guys ever get a chance, Hong Kong is definitely a place that you want to experience. Very diverse, not just asians, but a mix of people from all over the world. You might say that's in every city, but it's even more evident in Hong Kong, in my opinion. The streets are very clean, and... 251 4 years 8 months
Based on just those pictures, I'd go with slim.Based on just those pictures, I'd go with slim. 29 4 years 8 months
Depends on where you live in Philly. I knew a...Depends on where you live in Philly. I knew a friend that lived in an apt near Temple University. He heard gunshots, and a bullet went right through his front door. After that incident, he just packed up and left. Didn't come back until his senior year. 9 4 years 8 months
You know there might be one act of self...You know there might be one act of self defenestration in 1929, and now everyone expects people to jump when an index drops steeply. 20 4 years 8 months
I just got the Samsung Infuse 4G. 4.3inch screen...I just got the Samsung Infuse 4G. 4.3inch screen. It's very thin as well. Light to the point where if you whip it out of your pocket too fast, you might accidentally drop it on the ground (A case would be an excellent idea). Screen resolution is top notch and better than resolution on iphone... 56 4 years 9 months
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