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Non-competeWhat's the average time horizon for a non-compete? Thanks 3 years 9 months
Non-competeWhat's the average time horizon for a non-compete? Thanks 3 years 9 months
Convertible bond valuationFor those trading convertible securities, what valuation software do you use? Proprietary or third party? 4 years 7 months
The Great Management Consultancy Scam -- and How...Interesting article about the value of management consulting. I expect to get flamed by consultants for this one - don't shoot the messenger... David Craig gives a typical explanation of what the consultants... 4 years 10 months
Capital Structure ArbitrageDoes anyone know of any good books or other resources about capital structure arbitrage. Any in-depth analysis would be greatly appreciated. 4 years 11 months
Abscent minded genius - Part 3Continuing with the Michael Burry coverage: StreetCapitalist has a good summary and analysis of Burry's old blog posts Distressed Volatility has the Burry and Lewis interviews from 60 Minutes embedded here http://www.... 5 years 3 months
Libra AdvisorsAnyone have any info on Libra Advisors (AUM, style, reputation, etc)? 5 years 3 months
Buy side recruitment in CanadaAnyone have any good resources? 5 years 4 months
Queen's Accelerated MBA for Business...Any thoughts on this program? Sounds interesting because Queens is top-ranked (#1 international in BW), plus this program allows you to complete an MBA in 12 months while working. Its also offered in most major cities across Canada, so I... 5 years 7 months
Personal Trading AccountDo most firms restrict you from trading on your personal account? Just wondering if this is standard practise. 6 years 3 weeks


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Kerrisdale Capital ManagementYes their Q1 results were ridiculously good (up ~75%?). I don't know much about them outside of their investor letters. I think a lot of people (including myself) are under the impression that essentially every chinese RTO is a scam. Kerrisdale most likely looks at the financials in addition to... 4 years 3 weeks
Convertible bond valuationYeah seems like Monis is pretty much industry standard. Thanks guys 4 years 7 months
Value investing: The living dead or alive and...Last time I checked, buying a business for less than it's intrinsic value isn't dead. I don't think buying a dollar for fifty cents will ever die. How else would you invest? Buy a business for more than its worth? No intelligent businessman would do that. That's why I believe value investing... 4 years 8 months
Most baller cars under a hundred grand?CLS Benz Maserati Aston Martin Are you guys kidding with the porsches? "What's the difference between a cactus and a porsche? A cactus has its pricks on the outside". 4 years 8 months
Best Event Driven FundsHere are some good ones, but I'm not sure they are the best: Paulson Third Point Eton Park You can check here for yourself: 4 years 8 months
Gluskin Sheff - Toronto HFGood thread... I agree GSA isn't really a hedge fund (more of high net worth asset manager) and Rosenberg is there just for marketing - if you followed him you would realize that he's wrong most of the time. But I disagree with the point of the industry being "microsopic" because there are... 4 years 10 months
Gluskin Sheff - Toronto HFI can't make any firm specific comments, but as for Toronto HFs in general, top of the heap would be West Face, Polar, Sprott, etc. If you want a good list of Canadian hedge funds, here's a decent (although no exhaustive) resource: 4 years 10 months
Pitch an Investment Forum?There are a few of these. Besides VIC, there's another one called sumzero. These focus on L/S equity. Like the above post stated, there are also forums for distressed debt, commodities, etc. 5 years 1 month
Event Driven Funds[quote=Djalminha]I don't think any particular HF strategy can be acclaimed as the 'best'. Some funds have better people than others and will thus outperform over time, some (see at least half of alll HFs pre-2007) are basically run by chancers who are effectively either long vol or short vol and... 5 years 1 month
Financial reform bill will destroy big banksI'm a big fan of this because this is great for hedge funds. Now the banks will stop trading against their clients and stop stealing clients ideas. Then we'll be able to make a ton of money! 5 years 2 months