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Growth Equity. 1 1 year 10 months
Best materials to study leverage / debt...What's the best way to get up to speed on this? Any recommended materials? Thanks. 2 1 year 10 months
Travel and Leisure PE?Does anyone know which PE/VC shops have a travel/leisure focused group? KSL Capital Partners seems to be one that comes up right away in search - any other places? Thanks. 1 4 years 8 months
More info on specific roleWhat is this management associate role? **They are looking to hire the next generation of managers.** They seek candidates of all backgrounds who have the creativity, initiative, and conceptual intelligence to lead the Firm through current and future challenges. ROLE: Management... 2 1 year 10 months
Would you stay on after 2 years if you could?If you were asked to stay on with your PE/VC firm after your 2 year stint, would you? (As opposed to going back to bschool.) I've always thought I would go to bschool then come back to the industry, but lately I've talked to quite a few individuals who left the firm they were with (some were... 18 1 year 10 months
GMATClub vs. HereI started preparing for my GMAT a few weeks ago and went on I must say I'm impressed by how supportive the forums are! Everyday some stupid noob goes on and asks, "How can I get a 770 on the GMAT"" and the moderators + members point them out to the same links, give the same advice,... 3 6 years 1 week
Stanford vs. Wharton/Booth/Kellogg if you DON...Is it still a smart decision to go to Stanford if you don't plan on staying in the West Coast? Harvard is my first choice, but if I don't get in, is Wharton/UChicago/Kellogg better if I want to be in the Midwest or East Coast? I'm currently in the PE/VC industry (leaning more towards VC but not... 11 6 years 3 weeks


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I agree with this article and amused that someone...I agree with this article and amused that someone wrote about it! 39 1 year 10 months
Thanks for the above comments!Thanks for the above comments! 11 1 year 10 months
Knewton offers a 50 point increase or your money...Knewton offers a 50 point increase or your money back. I would recommend using them if you didn't get the GMAT score you want the first time though. For example, someone with a 680 is guaranteed to get a 730 or the course is free - not much to lose by trying if you fall into this category. 23 2 years 5 months
Having lived in Beijing and visited Tokyo, I'd...Having lived in Beijing and visited Tokyo, I'd say at times the NUMBER of people in Tokyo was actually higher. However, they have the most organized system of filing people onto trains I've ever seen - people actually form LINES according to the markings on the ground, as oppose to Beijing where it... 64 2 years 9 months
I'm actually curious to hear all your thoughts on...I'm actually curious to hear all your thoughts on this. I've invested in energy and healthcare before but have since exited those industries (well, more like started to dabble to a bunch of other ones). It seems like both of them have had years of talks on how it'll be the next best thing, but face... 12 3 years 4 months
Agree with CompBanker - be careful of this...Agree with CompBanker - be careful of this opportunity. Small firms tend to throw titles around very generously because they can't afford to with compensation. I worked in VC and saw a lot of pitches - some of the backgrounds of the executives are pretty unimpressive. Simply put, anyone can start a... 13 3 years 4 months
Awesome post and great humor throughout. Though I...Awesome post and great humor throughout. Though I am surprised that with your personality, you thought about dentistry in the first place! 86 3 years 4 months
What role do people usually go into post MBA if...What role do people usually go into post MBA if they don't have prior real estate experience? I previously worked in growth investing (but not in RE) and now at a top MBA - most of my skills are on the investing side and not industry. I heard mixed things about real estate investing - some say it's... 14 3 years 4 months
Just say you've really enjoyed working there and...Just say you've really enjoyed working there and mention the other offer. A lot of times what I've seen is if they want you, they will usually match what you have in hand. 2 4 years 2 weeks
TheMasao: CharmWithSubstance: Re: welfare -...[quote=TheMasao][quote=CharmWithSubstance]Re: welfare - none of the illegal immigrants today are on welfare, but that doesn't stop them from coming because the standard of living is so different. Even being homeless in the U.S. is a lot more comfortable in a lot of places around the world. Of... 27 4 years 1 month
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