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African CFA Level 1 Exam Papers LostI'd be so angry if I was told that my CFA test was lost: "CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals which awards the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, said the answer sheets of 275 candidates who sat exams in Ghana last month were lost. The shipping agent hasn’t... 4 years 5 months
Getting Desperate: Smart or Stupid?I worked in wealth management for 2 years while I was in undergrad. It was a boutique, and I actually got to do some research and trading although most of the experience was sales oriented. When I graduated I started a tech company. Now I'm trying to break back into banking, but I went to a non-... 4 years 6 months
Resume Review: Finance Senior Seeking FT AnalystThanks for the advice! 5 years 5 months


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Peter Lynch and Fidelity. The larger fund managers at Fidelity have their own research team and perform their own analysis. However, there is a large research division that sways the overall direction of their decisions. Peter Lynch really moved Fidelity into the spotlight, but he's not looked upon too highly for later... 3 years 5 months
I F***ING HATE NEW YORKWow, I didn't realize NYC was THAT bad. You should start applying for jobs in San Francisco. I just moved here from San Diego, and it's unbelievable. Solid financial district, amazing nightlife, and it's relatively clean for such a big city. The girls are really hot here too. I live in the... 3 years 10 months
11 months into 1st year analyst job, sick of it [quote=weeds499]ha - marcus is spot on. so you want to make similar money but don't want to work past 7? no offense, but what world do you live in? seriously, swallow your pride and man up and keep formatting those logos, or just grow a pair and get a job you like. i know that misery as an... 3 years 11 months
Start-Up after college w/o moneyI actually did this last year for my tech venture and went on to raise some capital. PM me with specific questions. 3 years 12 months
Starting a Hedge/Private Equity/Investment Fund....Here's how one guy did it: Grandmaster capital is a brand new hedge fund out of San Francisco. The founder and portfolio manager was a portfolio manager at Clarium before venturing out on his own. Clarium provided him the startup capital (I believe it was $50m) to get started. 3 years 12 months
FAs/PWM Guys - Can We Get The Real Scoop? THXThere is definitely $ to be made. I'm in the business myself. I'm on track to make $150-200k by the time I'm 26, and that's working M-F 8-5. It starts to flatten out from there, but there are opportunities to get up to $500k-$1m in comp. 4 years 4 weeks
Venture Capital BoutiqueEvery VC firm is a boutique... It all comes down to the team. Does their portfolio contain any home runs? Many VC firms are having trouble raising new rounds right now. When was their last fund raised? Most firms raise a fund about every 5 years. Most partners at a VC firm have their own... 4 years 4 months
Getting Desperate: Smart or Stupid?[quote=happypantsmcgee]Sorry, I should have expanded. The Department of Labor has pretty specific guidelines on how someone can work as an unpaid intern. They're listed below. I didn't mean to make it sound like it never happens (poor writing, laziness, bad). I tried to work unpaid for MS... 4 years 6 months
Website DevelopmentPM me more details. I know a few people and dev. companies that can tackle your project. 4 years 6 months
Careers in Finance for B+ Students?You can always go the startup route. If you work hard and get lucky, it's the quickest way to the top. 4 years 6 months