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IS IT TO LATE FOR DECEMBER CFA L1?Do you think it is too late to start studying for the CFA level 1 this december 2nd? How much preparation do you think I need as a non biz/econ major 3 years 10 months
ColorWill I automatically get dinged if I choose to use other fonts besides black (and bold black) to make my resume stand out more. I'd just use one other text color. 5 years 6 months
"First Generation" On ResumeAlso, what do you all think about putting "first generation college student" under the education portion on my resume? Personally, I think it is impressive that I am a first generation looking to break into banking and that I've already achieved a lot of success relative to my peers, a lot of whom... 5 years 6 months
Obtained Vs. Predicted GPA on Resume2 Questions: (1) What do you all think about putting predicted GPA on resume? The prediction would be what your GPA would be when you graduate, three semesters later after applying for SA positions. I'm assuming it's pretty legit, especially since Goldman Sachs, on their online app, give you the... 5 years 6 months


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Job searching advice for a North American new to...How did you get a work visa when you are not employed? 3 years 9 months
IS IT TO LATE FOR DECEMBER CFA L1?I am a non biz major but i have taken accounting finance stats macro micro. I am not too into it though and have barely started. what is the minimum a week I could do seriously 3 years 10 months
Stylish Suits in Investment BankingYou can't even get a good suit for 1500. A decent designer suit costs 2600 and up provided it's not on sale. 5 years 6 months
Obtained Vs. Predicted GPA on Resume^^^Ur the one who has almost 400 "monkey points" and spends all ur time on here probably. I haven't even been a member for 24 hours and I'm already sick of all of you one dimensional ass holes. The winners who will make it big time aren't wasting their time on this site.... 5 years 6 months
ColorMost of you are too one-dimensional. I should have thought about that before I started posting. Most of the people who get jobs at the best places aren't wasting their time on this site debating little things. 5 years 6 months
Color^^^^As I've said before I already got an interview last year at MS, and have two impressive internships since frosh year using my present resume. I must be doing something right. 5 years 6 months
Junior applying for SA in investment banking"ACT stuff has to change. 34 is terrible, and writing the whole thing about being equivalent to a 760 also pointless. Conn College is a terrible school, and I really don't know how you've gotten internships. You must have connections already, so I guess just keep doing what you're doing. But a 3.5... 5 years 6 months
ColorNo I didn't, and that doesn't make me a loser either. I was one of the only sophomores on campus to get an interview with them and just didn't make the cut and they said they hoped to meet me again next year. All of you on here are too absolute when it comes to all of this stuff. It's not all... 5 years 6 months
Obtained Vs. Predicted GPA on ResumeSome of you, who already have 3.75s at top colleges, are just frustrated because I've found a way to beat around the system a little bit, so you feel, for some reason, as if you have worked for nothing. Sorry, that's life. 5 years 6 months