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Ask-a-Gekko 2009For all of you prospective monkeys with recruiting questions, etc - ask away. I am trying to be a helpful person for the new year. I have 2+ years experience at a couple of BB's in product as well as industry groups ... ask me anything you think I can answer and if I can't, I'll find someone who... 5 years 6 months


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2010 Investment Banking Associate Bonuses at BBthats a big high ... 5 years 5 months
3.3 from target?Girl not always advantage ... if the person screening ur resume is a girl - they might not wnat you in their group 5 years 5 months
UBS FIG Franchise vs. Morgan Stanley FIG FranchiseThe people joining are doing so b/c they're getting paid. shit if you paid me 2x what I make i'll go joint Financial Technology Partners ... the guys jjoining also have experience and will bounce once it isn't worth their while .... UBS sucks as a brand ... period 5 years 5 months
Canadian students in American schoolsMost bb's will not sponsor work visas ... BUT a few kids in my class were canadian and went to work in Toronto + calgary 5 years 5 months
delay background checkIf they found out you reneg a previous offer for this one, you are at risk to lose the new one - FACT Friend of mine lost his GS offer b/c of a dumbass move like that - don't do it or if you do it be up front about it... btw - if the previous companyn and new ones are BB's the HR ppl talk (... 5 years 5 months
Superday logisticsErr - 1) have water in the interview. You can drink it while you talk - who gives a sht - i would never ding you for that 2) don't eat too much - you'll get sleept 3) coffee makes you jittery unless you're a regular drinker 4) Ritalin / Aderall if you're a junkie / if you have legit access 5 years 5 months
Alumni Cold-EmailingIve had tremendous feedback from alums and many of them I still talk to after a few years on the job (getting drinks, dinner, coffee) and some I even work with ... so networking is the name of the game. Whenever kids email me, I am very eager to help but I did have some impolite / retarded kids... 5 years 5 months
UBS FIG Franchise vs. Morgan Stanley FIG FranchiseUBS fig might be good but as a bank and a brand - it blows why limit your future optionality 5 years 5 months
First Year Associate Life Post TARP: PricelessIts more liek 40% but yeah pretty high 5 years 5 months
Asia - Sectors with largest deal flow in next 5...Most of the business in China will be financings - Chinese companies need money. Cross border M... 5 years 5 months