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HELP! Case studies at b-schoolHi, I received my first case study to do and am completely lost as to what to do. It seems, that in my school, they teach us how to do something after we do it - they taught us how to write "business emails" after the day it was due - i suspect the same will happen with cases. Can somebody... 10 5 years 6 months
freshman internship from canadian b school. 8 3 months 3 weeks
How is this possible? - Work experience of junior... Look at the work experience of U2(junior) students. Professional experience: * Equity Analyst, Telecommunications... 3 1 week 5 days


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Independent Gestion: [We are] the best b-school...[quote=Independent Gestion][We are] the best b-school in Canada but UPenn has us hands down. No way as a Canadian I'm gonna be so delusional to deny it haha.[/quote] Do GSIP, GS LH fund, and GSCP recruit from UPenn CAS? I dont know. Do they recruit from Ivey? Yes. Have some pride instead of... 23 4 years 10 months
livin life in the fast lanelivin life in the fast lane 12 4 years 11 months
Pride of unionvillePride of unionville 35 5 years 1 week
bankster: you better go to Queen's if you got...[quote=bankster]you better go to Queen's if you got the scholarship... why the fuck would you waste your time applying for it if you weren't 100% sure you wanted to go there already? Now thats $36,000 wasted that could have gone to a kid who didn't get the scholarship but is quite deserving and... 35 5 years 1 week
bankforyourbuck: StarsAligned: Thank you so...[quote=bankforyourbuck][quote=StarsAligned]Thank you so much everyone! I'm officially a Blue Devil :)[/quote] That's sick dude. Wish I applied to American schools/new about investment banking in high school. Good luck.[/quote] Seeing as how you're at UofT and not at Ivey or Queen's, you... 35 5 years 1 week
I call troll. Nobody in their right mind would...I call troll. Nobody in their right mind would ask "DUKE VS QC". Especially not someone who got accepted to Duke. 35 5 years 1 week
JeffSkilling: God of the Orient: ahhh fuck it...[quote=JeffSkilling][quote=God of the Orient]ahhh fuck it. 41 5 years 2 weeks
There are ~5 kids every year who defect from QC...There are ~5 kids every year who defect from QC to join the superior institution. 25 5 years 2 weeks
Rotman Commerce courses are held in Woodsworth...Rotman Commerce courses are held in Woodsworth Residences basement. I wouldn't attend that shithole even if they paid me- not to mention their horrible placements. 1 GS Toronto hired for diversity (female, wears towel on her head.. go figure.. got 0 superdays at other banks) 12 5 years 2 weeks
ahhh fuck it. fuck it. if anybody goes to Queens... 41 5 years 2 weeks
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling