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Old School Anybody ever hear of this site? I've always been a fan of Ben Graham/Warren Buffett value investing and stumbled across this site today. Don't think I'm going to drop $150 for this guy's templates, but I was wondering if anyone heard the word on the blog. Thanks 4 4 years 9 months
recent grad, current intern, looking for jobJust graduated and am working at an internship through August, hoping to find a full time job for after. Just updated my resume with the new internship, would appreciate any advice. Thanks 6 4 years 10 months
Possible benchmarks to useHey I'm wondering if anyone has an idea about a different benchmark to use when comparing the transaction cost of two different trading strategies. Currently, I'm using a participation weighted price benchmark and comparing the two strategies and their costs to the cost of this benchmark. What are... 5 years 1 month
AlphaSights?Have an interview with a firm called AlphaSights in NYC in about a week. Anyone know anything about the firm (stuff I can't read on the website)? Anyone ever interview with them/know about the process? Thanks for the help. 9 5 years 2 months
Networking Advice - Contact with an alumNeed some advice on the best way to proceed given my current situation. I have been in contact with an alum (somewhat of a family friend, guest lecturer in my class a number of times, met with him a couple times outside of school, etc) for about a year now. Sent him my resume and he confirmed that... 3 1 month 4 weeks
Quantitative Services GroupAnyone have any info on the Quantitative Research Group in Naperville, IL? Website looks interesting, but I was wondering if anyone had any inside info or personal experience with both working there, the people there or the recruiting process? Appreciate it. 3 5 years 4 months
Major GPA for double majorI'm majoring in finance and econ and have a 3.3 cumulative GPA. When I calculate my major GPA including finance and econ, it's 3.4, but if I just include finance, it's a more attractive 3.6. Technically, finance is my major and the business school is my home college within the University, I just... 2 5 years 4 months
Networking Help - Best course of action? So I'm at an awards dinner for the athletic dept of my school (top 50 UG business-type). An alum who was also a co/guest professor (came in every couple weeks to teach) in a trading class last fall was there as well. I happened to do real well in the class and stayed in touch ever since. We start... 1 3 weeks 5 days
Resume review - Almost College GraduateTake a look at my resume and comment. Much appreciated, thanks. 3 1 month 4 weeks
Retake classes?So I'm a rising senior at a top 50 business school, finance and econ major, great ECs, 3.3 gpa. During my career, I have gotten 3 C's, all in easy classes (intermediate macro, financial planning and intro anthropology) all due to skipping class for drinking and girls. I am definitely retaking one... 3 5 years 10 months


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bump bump...tangential question: what's Wedbush's...bump bump...tangential question: what's Wedbush's rep like? I know it's mostly dependent on the analyst, but any info would help. Seems like they were pretty well-regarded, their wikipedia cites a lot of accolades from '09, '10, '11. But nothing really since, would appreciate anything anyone can... 10 2 years 4 months
Thanks man, well said btwThanks man, well said btw 3 5 years 3 months
Know anything about their recruiting process?...Know anything about their recruiting process? Sent resume via website a couple months ago, haven't heard anything...Only information I could find was an August 2007 press release announcing a new analyst class. Does this mean their process starts late? Just want to get some sort of information.... 3 5 years 3 months
love going to the bar every nightlove going to the bar every night 37 5 years 7 months
Thanks guysThanks guys 3 5 years 8 months
chill on it dude, this is the last true summer...chill on it dude, this is the last true summer vacation month of your life. You're going to be busting your ass from June till August, take a trip somewhere, meet a girl, do anything, be a kid for one more month 28 6 years 1 month
crown is great on the rocks, not too expensive, is great on the rocks, not too expensive, and the bag it comes in makes a perfect addition to any golf bag. Wild Turkey is no slouch either 44 6 years 1 month
Econ's not bad either. Especially if you get into...Econ's not bad either. Especially if you get into econometrics and the real statistical stuff. You can do a lot with an economics degree 6 6 years 2 months
What kind of hours would an AT work? What about...What kind of hours would an AT work? What about an actual trader? Obviously they're around when the market is open, but how long before and after? 13 6 years 2 months
bullshit he made that much...and how can not...bullshit he made that much...and how can not ordering within 30 seconds have any impact on whether or not you are a worthy candidate?? 22 6 years 3 months
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