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William Blair LondonGuys, Any insight on William Blair London? Really looking for any information there is (culture, comp, dealflow etc). I know WB is a good MM in the US, but not much info on the London office.... 2 years 9 months
MM to BB LateralWhat kind of chances do analysts at good MMs (think HW, HLHZ, Jefferies etc) have for lateralling over to BBs? Also, what is the usual route for doing this? Do you work for a couple of years and then start sending out feelers to other banks? 3 years 1 month
Salary and Bonus London IBDHi guys, Does anyone have some insight on the typical salary bonus progression for IBD analysts in London (BB / good boutique / good MM firms). Let's assume we are dealing with a bank that's been faring relatively well (hasn't hit by massive waves of restructuring and layoffs etc) The... 3 years 10 months
RBC CM LondonSo what's the deal with RBC CM in London? They have a relatively new presence there but seem to want to grow in Europe any opinions on their prospects for the future? 4 years 1 week
HR and IB start dateHi all, I have an offer to start with a bank (circa first week of July 2012) and have yet to heard further information from HR/onboarding. When do they usually contact you regarding the next steps of the process (background check etc) Thanks AAW 4 years 3 weeks
Thoughts on RBCWhat are the board's thoughts on RBC as a place to have a career? Given that it went through the economic crisis relatively unscathed, would job security there be higher than that of other places (any bulge bracket bank I guess, save maybe JPM) 4 years 1 month
JPM Background Check- Quite Thoroughhas anyone else noticed the the jp morgan background check for SA is very very thorough? they require a LOT of proof and documentation. I have friends interning for other banks and they more or less just had to sign a release form giving their respective banks the right to hire a background check... 4 years 10 months
21st Century Human Banana Levelhow many bananas does it take to reach the 21st century human seniority level on WSO? 5 years 8 months
Chicago BB MD CompensationWhat do the Chicago BB MD's make relative to their NYC peers? If a NYC MD is pulling 5 million, his Chicago counterpart is pulling what, 3-4 MM? 5 years 10 months
Northwestern vs UChicago MBA CultureSo they are both top 7 b schools, and Northwestern is more consulting focused and Chicago more finance focused. Obviously both great schools, of course people will tell you to choose the one where you "fit" best. so what's the word on the respective cultures of the two programs? 5 years 10 months


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wdz0001: anacott steal: I assume it would be...[quote=wdz0001][quote=anacott steal] I assume it would be 0 because the outcome of roulette has no correlation with the market...[/quote] Not sure if serious....[/quote] Zero makes sense. Beta is in itself a hazy concept... and a roulette wheel has nothing to do with the market. Roulette'... 2 years 10 months
jaw1: Winning Squared: BarclaysCSJPMJefferies/...[quote=jaw1][quote=Winning Squared]Barclays CS JPM Jefferies/BAML MS/GS UBS[/quote] Why is it that BarCap and CS are on the top? Is it just the better placement or do they have overall better dealflow? And does anyone have 2012 energy league tables. Was it basically this ranking above... 3 years 3 weeks
Asatar, not a fan of upper thames street I take...Asatar, not a fan of upper thames street I take it? 3 years 3 weeks A very back of the envelope analysis - $591mm fee revenue (assume all advisory) / ~900 advisors (see link) = roughly 660k fees per head If we assume a 50% payout ratio, 330k per head Once again, very rough estimates 3 years 3 weeks
natural resources and FIGnatural resources and FIG 3 years 3 weeks
Oreos: HarvardOrBust: Regardless, I think the...[quote=Oreos][quote=HarvardOrBust] Regardless, I think the takeaway is that it pays to be a powerhouse in debt/equity more than M... 3 years 3 weeks
I agree, while RBC did well in terms of total...I agree, while RBC did well in terms of total fees (see league table thread), a ~170k bonus does seem a bit high for a first year associate...that kind of bonus is at 2006-2007 boom-time levels Of course, as mentioned above, could be an outlier...I would reckon that 200-250k for Associate 1 is... 3 years 3 weeks
rankings by fees by fees 3 years 3 weeks
mhurricane: I do not know if you are a finance...[quote=mhurricane]I do not know if you are a finance major or not, but this is corpfin 101: The value of a levered firm, is the value of the unlevered firm + tax shield (additional debt*tax rate). The guy above me did a good job of describing why the tax shield adds value to the equity holders.[/... 3 years 1 month
Oreos: Affirmative_Action_Walrus: Oreos:...[quote=Oreos][quote=Affirmative_Action_Walrus][quote=Oreos][quote=Affirmative_Action_Walrus] As for the bonuses, I know that 40k is historically in line with top 1st year bonuses, [/quote] History is always a great predictor of the future! Oh wait, that's how we got in this mess.[/quote]... 3 years 10 months
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