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Economics vs. Finance DegreeI'm about to graduate in a year from a crap school, The University of Houston. I'm in their "Honor's Program" and I can't wait until graduation. I have not seen anyone from this school post on this board and I have definitely not seen anyone mention it, but regardless, I'm graduating from there... 5 years 5 months


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Economics vs. Finance DegreeThanks, BB4life, I did work at a small investment boutique and although, the environment was ideal, the pay was very low.. I also worked in PWM at Merrill Lynch, but most of what I did there was cold calling. I have looked at a few other boutiques (and hedge funds) here in Houston, but not that... 5 years 5 months
How do you go to almost the top of the Monkey...Thanks FB09. Best of luck to you :) (BUMP) 5 years 5 months
Economics vs. Finance Degree[quote=Vz]Wow... never seen a banana count in the negatives before. Hey Patrick, we should have a category below chimp. Maybe ticks or parasites that live on chimps. This is obviously a troll... I hope so anyway, you're making the other girls on this forum look bad[/quote] ^^^^^... 5 years 5 months
How do you go to almost the top of the Monkey...Bump. 5 years 5 months
Economics vs. Finance DegreeDeciding on a major is not the least of my worries, since I plan to use it as leverage while networking. However, I worked at an investment boutique (right, BB4life) that focused primarily on M... 5 years 5 months
summer analyst position at barclaysIt's been looking like a male dominated orgy for some time now, Mezz, so have fun. 5 years 5 months
JD/MBAThat's not true totally true, Monty90... Graduates from top law schools such as Columbia, Yale, Harvard, etc get plenty of great offers from top firms in the private sector. You don't need to be part of the law review. If you graduate from UT or UH, that's a different ball game, but your ivy law... 5 years 5 months
summer analyst position at barclaysThis thread has definitely gone to shit. 5 years 5 months
Private Wealth Management Concern[quote=]Get ready to starve for a long time while you establish your book. The benefits are you get paid more, but unless you are a sales jesus you would be better off being the junior guy.[/quote] ^^^ Extremely true. 5 years 5 months
Texas MBA vs UNC MBABoy, you sound like a real catch, AA, but I'm gonna have to say, NO. Best of luck w/ the feedback. 5 years 5 months