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Serious Question:Has anyone here attended Trump University? I know it's not a target for the traditional path (hyps >> BB tmt >> M7 >> PE-MF >> $$$), but I was considering applying for some continuing education when it reopens: 6 1 month 2 weeks
Important Announcement for the FaithfulGet out your best strainer: 5 months 1 week
Tipping Hotel HousekeepingThis is a total joke and pretty embarrassing for Marriott Hotels in my opinion (link inside the post). It seems like more and more people are asking for tips for services that are not traditionally tipped. I don't think someone pouring a cup of coffee at SBUX deserves a tip, but that's just me... 39 1 year 7 months
M&A Deal Project NamesJust saw this article in the Journal: So Goldman is automating the process of selecting code names for deals i.e. "Project Dolphin" This is pretty clownish to me that banks are... 6 1 year 7 months
Nora from The LeftoversSneaky hot, def Would 17 1 year 8 months
Lowest price for FerragamosI was looking for a new pair of shoes and I have a pair of Ferragamos picked out. Where do you guys go for the cheapest price for new lux goods? I have in the past checked out Bluefly and Gilt for decent pricing. Are there ever great sales at places like Nordstroms or Bloomingdales? 4 1 year 8 months
Just purchased these babies for the summer...What do you monkey's think? This is my first pair of Stubbs. Summer wedding in CT sans socks with a suit: 19 1 year 11 months
Anyone know this gmail shortcut?I haven't been able to find this one: Trying to toggle between chat and inbox and also if possible how to toggle the cursor from chat to chat. Thanks guys 3 2 years 2 days
Stubbs & Wootton slipper shoesAnyone into this type of slipper shoe? I was thinking about getting a pair for the summer. They're pretty damn pricey so I was either looking to get them on sale or on gilt. I'm guessing these are going to be very polarizing footwear. 7 2 years 1 month
UPS "startup" commercialHas anyone else seen this commercial yet? I can't get over how cliche and cheesy a 4 person startup company UPS depicted. The Founder just keeps saying "we need to be good" and they casted an Asian kid as the coder. Another sign that the startup bubble is here? 2 2 years 1 month


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Relating to @Disjoint comments, I just wanted to...Relating to @Disjoint" comments, I just wanted to add about CMC... I have basically never heard of the school outside of reading this site. I am located in Philadelphia. For whatever reason it's not all that well known. I don't know how people from LA view a school like say Amherst but prob not... 55 1 day 20 hours
Go back to Ningbo you choadGo back to Ningbo you choad 7 1 day 21 hours
WTF is Millstein? Hopefully OP doesn't end up...WTF is Millstein? Hopefully OP doesn't end up there haha. I like how you just tried to slip them by in that list. 55 3 days 14 hours
Before we have to read 100 posts destroying the...Before we have to read 100 posts destroying the rankings, understand these rankings are NOT in order of Best Undergrad Business School to be Guaranteed an Investment Banking job. This is a 4 factor weighted ranking based on things that aren't very important such as polls and salary right out of... 27 4 days 15 hours
EconomicsMajor: So it is unacceptable? ^^^Such...[quote="EconomicsMajor"]So it is unacceptable?[/quote] ^^^Such an Asian question. Not everything in fashion is completely black and white like math. 14 4 days 16 hours
Lol at Olin out in St. Louis ... goto one of the...Lol at Olin out in St. Louis ... goto one of the East Coast options 24 4 days 18 hours
Kevin Murphy products all day ... Gritty Business...Kevin Murphy products all day ... Gritty Business is best 23 4 days 21 hours
Alot of the fit for slacks and jeans depends on...Alot of the fit for slacks and jeans depends on your ass size as well. I have large thighs relative to my ass/waist and I am often ok in non-skinny cuts. One of my bros has very large legs and glutes and he has all sorts of problems finding pants that fit right. You should check out Bill's... 5 4 days 21 hours
Awesome post, I 100% agree. I deadlifted for...Awesome post, I 100% agree. I deadlifted for about 6 years and it was brutal. It was really tough on my joints and definitely hurt my intensity level on leg days. Did I add some size and strength? Yes, but overall my back grew more after I ditched the DL and my legs did as well since I was able to... 91 5 days 21 hours
What was your weight when you got the 335 for 5x5...What was your weight when you got the 335 for 5x5? 91 1 week 1 day
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