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Chicago WSO Meetup - 2/19/2015 Who: Financial Professionals and College Students of Drinking Age What: WSO Meetup! Where: Sweetwater Tavern, 225 North Michigan Avenue at Water Street (between the River and Grant Park) When: 6:30 PM 2/19/2015 (Thursday) Why: Meet your fellow primates. Also, because Cries has... 6 months 1 week
Chicago WSO Meetup coming up!Who: Finance professionals and college students of drinking age. What: A WSO Meetup Where: Sweetwater Tavern, 225 N Michigan Ave. (Between Grant Park and the River) When: Thurs. Nov 20th, 6:30-8:30 PM Why: Meet your fellow primates. What to do when you get there: Ask the host... 3 months 1 week
The Midwest MBA SceneMod Note: This post was originally a comment in the discussion "Best Midwest MBA for Value" Kellogg should also be under as serious consideration as Booth, especially if tuition is a factor. Kellogg often gives students credit for courses already taken- it's the only M7 I know of that does this... 10 months 1 week
Personal Finance Part 1: Credit Card Hacking (the...Last week, @"onemanwolfpack" went over some travel hacks and discussed how he uses credit card points and airline miles to get free airfare. Being the frugal guy on WSO, I figured I would follow up with how I save money using rewards credit cards. NOTE: this strategy only works if you pay off... 1 year 6 days
ParagraphsHello, . WSO recently eliminated the use of paragraphs in replies. If I hit return twice, WSO only honors a single *Enter*. I don't get a blank line for easy-to-read paragraphs. . Yes; I am a CS major; I am aware there is a paragraph html tag. People should not have to learn LaTeX or HTML to... 1 year 3 months
WSO SCUBA diving meetup- NYC Area?Hi everyone, I've wanted to get some diving in at Dutch Springs before leaving the NYC area for good and I figured we might be able to find some dive buddies here. If you are certified (at least for Open Water Diving), would anyone be interested in meeting up for some diving at Dutch Springs... 1 year 3 months
Columbia EMBAHey folks. One of my old friends from quant analytics at the bank I used to work for is interested in getting an MBA and eventually heading over to a consulting firm. He is having some trouble getting into FT MBA programs due to a really weak undergrad, but he's gotten an in at Columbia EMBA... 1 year 10 months
Site issues- WSO cachingHas anyone else been noticing that your recent posts are getting updated something on the order of once an hour? That if you post in a new thread, it sometimes doesn't show up immediately? That if you view a thread you've posted in, the recent indicator doesn't change? Patrick, can you... 1 year 10 months
A Plea For Common SenseDear Tea Party Congressional Representatives, In 2010, a group of conservative, libertarian and populist voters revolted against a consortium of moderate Democrats and Republicans who had slowly been chipping away at the rights of everyday individuals for roughly twenty five years. They were... 1 year 11 months
Advice for Princeton MFin ApplicantsAll, Over the past two months, I have seen several threads asking for advice on applying to Princeton Bendheim's MFin program, what the school is looking for, and many other questions. People on the forums have pointed to me because I go to school there, and they think I have some clue as to how... 2 years 5 days


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Brady4MVP: Woe is me! Woe is me! NYC Sucks!!!...[quote="Brady4MVP"]Woe is me! Woe is me! NYC Sucks!!! Liberals and filthy homeless people!!! I wish I was in San Fran where rent is cheap and everyone is conservative.[/quote] FTFY. But we still love you Brady. 2 weeks 3 days
-Take the Yami R6 screaming down west side...-Take the Yami R6 screaming down west side highway. -Get a jog in -Melatonin and valerian tea. Turn out lights before bedtime. In all seriousness, exercise for the win. The 30 minutes you spend on the treadmill saves you 30 minutes of trying to fall asleep, and it keeps you healthy. 2 weeks 5 days
A better picture would have been the Chinese bull...A better picture would have been the Chinese bull way out over the cliff, starting to look down, and a Communist Party arm outstretched to catch him. 3 weeks 4 days
NewYork7: I just want to issue a warning that I...[quote="NewYork7"]I just want to issue a warning that I wish I had as I've seen posts suggesting you allocate the $5,500 maximum into a Roth as early as possible in a tax year. There is a maximum income of around $116K for single filers. At an $80K base + average banking bonus, you're most likely... 3 weeks 5 days
Of course you're not a libertarian. They're as...Of course you're not a libertarian. They're as hard to find as True Scotsmen! Look I'm sure you have a lot of very earnest and detailed questions about Operation Jade Helm, too. I don't think any of them are proof of a socialist takeover. Can you please take your anti-government bandwagon... 3 weeks 6 days
Never debate a libertarian. They'll drag you...Never debate a libertarian. They'll drag you down to their level of delusional paranoid cynicism and beat you with experience. 3 weeks 6 days
Oh god why do these discussions always have to...Oh god why do these discussions always have to get so personal and political. Again IMHO the optimal strategy is the same regardless of where you think the tax code is going, provided that our RKMAP (Radical Kenyan Muslim Atheist President) does not convert all Roths into pre-tax IRAs and our... 3 weeks 6 days
If by Midwest you mean Chicago IL, Roth...If by Midwest you mean Chicago IL, Roth conversions are state tax free. 401K contributions avoid state tax. Roth contributions, however, do result in a state tax on your income. In other words, you get a 3.75% discount (actually more like 5%-6% discount after tax) if you contribute pretax and... 3 weeks 6 days
IIRC 25% of people who sign up for level 2 are no...IIRC 25% of people who sign up for level 2 are no-shows, thus proving that the other 75% are gluttons for punishment. Level 2 was the exam that made me swear off level 3. 1 month 4 days
In order to get into a top target for banking...In order to get into a top target for banking like UIUC, I recommend Peoria Central Public High School. 1 month 5 days