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Every apply to a firm you rejected previously?So this past summer I had a few internship offers, and obviously could only take one. I was wondering where I might stand with those firms that I turned down... If I were interested in them again, should I contact the recruiter that I had previously been in touch with? Do firms hold grudges... 4 years 10 months
Background checks done yet??With most SA's starting in about 5 weeks.. is it safe to say all background checks are done with by now?? And if we haven't heard anything, we're in the clear? 5 years 2 months
Finance vs OpsJust wanted your takes on this.. Since a finance analyst position is strictly BO, would you be better off doing operations at the same firm if you are guaranteed to be placed into a MO role?? Also, does MO allow any opportunities to enter the FO? or is it just as dead end as BO Curious as... 5 years 3 months
Reaching out to interviewer prior to interview?Hey guys, So I have a final round interview coming up and it's a phone interview. They gave me the name of my interview and it turns out I had previously met her at a networking event about a year and a half ago. Should I email her saying I look forward to speaking with her again? Or could... 5 years 4 months
Econ major going for finance analyst... do I have...Hey guys, has anyone been to an interview for a SA-finance position with an IB? I got an interview, and was wondering how technical it could be. I am an economics major and don't know anything about DCF, WACC, or any of that good stuff you guys always talk about. If someone could speak from... 5 years 4 months
Two interviews same dayHey guys, funny situation, I was wondering how you would go about this. I have two interviews on the same day on campus. Each company has a greeter in the lobby which brings you to your interview room. Will this create an awkward situation since I will be seeing both greeters twice that day?... 5 years 5 months
Blackrock - Global client groupHey guys, I was wondering if anyone had information on Blackrock's Global client group. As an analyst, what kind of experience would i get?? What kind of exit ops does this position provide?? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated thanks 5 years 5 months


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GPA requirement for blackrock and blackstonereally just dont feel like it to be honest with ya 3 years 8 months
What is Asset Managementgenerally financial advisors are the "retail" clients of asset management firms. indivs are referred to as indivs. most firms don't have sales team that market to indivs, that's the financial advisors job. 3 years 8 months
GPA requirement for blackrock and blackstone[quote=reddog23][quote=Chris_Marlin][quote=reddog23][quote=christopher.nycboi]lol on a more serious note, i have a 3.33 but i've gotten 1st rounds with both[/quote] Not that this question deserves a serious answer, but I'm guessing you got 1st rounds for back office positions at both? Odds are... 3 years 8 months
GPA requirement for blackrock and blackstone[quote=reddog23][quote=christopher.nycboi]lol on a more serious note, i have a 3.33 but i've gotten 1st rounds with both[/quote] Not that this question deserves a serious answer, but I'm guessing you got 1st rounds for back office positions at both? Odds are, this was for Global Client Group... 3 years 8 months
BlackRock Interview (Global Client Analyst )don't know where kraken is getting his info, but it's wrong. all of it. you don't start as a "busdev analyst" there's no such thing.. blackrock has a huge US retail group.. main products ETFs? blackrock didn't even have an ETFs business pre BGI merger. ur first round is going to be... 3 years 9 months
Taking the CFA Level 2 Exam right after college...keep in mind you can't receive the CFA designation without 5 years of full time work experience. 3 years 10 months
Goldman Sachs Asset Management: Analyst Culture[quote=tan86]Internal wholesalers are responsible for pitching/selling internal products (in this case Goldman Sachs products) to GS financial advsiors (institutional and private client). The internal wholesalers need to be product experts and be prepared to answer questions from advisors and in... 3 years 11 months
Can a brokerage internship be my stepping stone...op said *discount brokerage meaning scottrade, e-trade, etc... most likely sit in a branch do paper work and answer phone calls from indiv investors 4 years 4 months
Online stock broker question. the market maker will keep it in his inventory 4 years 4 months
BlackRock PMG-Fixed Income vs. CS Equity S&T...Yep, in fixed income. More than one actually. I knew some of them personally. They sat with the traders and associate PM's on the trading floor in NY. 4 years 4 months