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Wharton Team Based Discussion - Mock Interview...Is anyone here doing Wharton MBA apps this year? Let's see if we can get a few members together and maybe we can try to simulate the group interview experience on Google Hangouts. What do y'all say? 9 months 2 weeks
Alibaba IPO - Anyone Getting In?Anyone getting in on this when it IPOs? Some of the numbers are unbelievable, from the sales figures, the moat, and the margins. And its growth rates are stupid despite its market leading position. 1 year 2 months
IBD or DCM?My friend has offers from these two groups at a BB summer analyst stint. Which would be better for her professional growth / hottest field to be in with the best future opportunities? Thanks :) and any explanation would help a lot! 1 year 6 months
NCAA Tournament Final Four1) Dat Kentucky-Michigan game O__O 2) Hell of a crazy tournament this year (Buffett won in the 2nd day) 3) Who do you have to win it all? (Watch everyone here say Florida) 1 year 7 months
Market Strategy Position at BB Firm, Help?Sorry, I didn't know where to categorize it. I have an interview with a BB firm about its Market Strategy position. It's hard to find info online because it's a marketing position meant to help support private wealth initiatives at the company. There's a case interview and I have no idea how to... 1 year 8 months
Was 2013 A Good Year or Bad Year For You?And why? 1 year 10 months
Merry Christmas Everyone :)Hope all is well. I've learned a lot from this forum and hopefully have contributed back. Just wanted to drop a note here before I go off to gain more weight and hopefully see the Knicks pull off an upset. Any holiday gifts you got yourselves or others? Memorable moments from the day? Reply... 1 year 11 months
New Holidays For New GenerationsForget Black Friday, what about Thirsty Thursday? Thirsty for shopping deals of course. You’ll have to recover from your Turkey coma a little early this year as retailers around the nation are opening their doors early this Thanksgiving for shoppers. Kohl’s and JCP opens at 8pm. Walmart at... 1 year 12 months
WSO Fantasy Basketball League! (Low Maintenance...I'm starting a WSO Fantasy Basketball League (Yahoo). ONLY 1 BENCH SPOT. This means you don't have to micro-manage your teams every day (I know micro-managing is a problem many people have with fantasy basketball vs. football). Standard categories, H2H. Looking at 14 teams. What do y'all say... 2 years 2 months
Size of Top US BanksI remember reading on WSO some statistic like the BB banks having a greater combined GDP than countries #3-10 in the world or something like that. Does anyone have a statistic on that or can do a quick calculation with resources? Trying to show my friend how important finance is hahaha. 2 years 3 months


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chat is dead forever?chat is dead forever? 1 week 5 days
Wharton MBA here. We use the same textbooks as...Wharton MBA here. We use the same textbooks as the undergrad freshmen/sophomores, and the concepts are near same difficulty. I actually think the undergrads are smarter than us, hahahah. The MBAs have higher quality concentration of successful finance individuals, but in the entrepreneurship... 2 weeks 1 day
Wharton MBA here, so hopefully I did it right...Wharton MBA here, so hopefully I did it right hahaha. I spent my whole time at IBM in IT Strategy consulting before I applied. Overwhelmingly most of my classmates were in their most recent position for at least 2 years before they applied, so keep the timeline in mind. But honestly, assume... 4 months 1 day
What I can take away from this thread I can take away from this thread Trump? 4 months 2 days
These look pretty accurate. I'm about to start my...These look pretty accurate. I'm about to start my MBA in a week and this is what I've been hearing at my campus. 4 months 2 days
Keep in mind, when you go to VC, there is no path...Keep in mind, when you go to VC, there is no path upward unless you're at a small fund where you can grow into your role when they raise future rounds. And there depends heavily on the relationships you will build with the people there, which is something we can't assess on WSO. VC is so... 4 months 2 days
The resume is so quant heavy....where's the part...The resume is so quant heavy....where's the part in your resume that says "I work well in teams" "I know how to solve dynamic business issues that touch on several key areas of a business?" "I have solid people skills" "I'm actually interested in consulting" I mean, I guess you could... 4 months 2 weeks
Brady's trolling guys. Roll with it.Brady's trolling guys. Roll with it. 5 months 1 week
Does anyone use the chatroom anymore? Haven't...Does anyone use the chatroom anymore? Haven't seen activity on here this week when I've been periodically popping in. 5 months 3 weeks
I did this. Anyone reading this can PM me for...I did this. Anyone reading this can PM me for info. 6 months 3 weeks
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling