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Lazard Asset Management Culture?Lazard advisory (M&A) gets a really bad rap on this site. Anybody know anything about the AM side? Hours? Culture? Looking at the types of people in LAM on LinkedIn - it appears like a whole different company, not many blue-chip guys. Any info/experience? 2 years 3 weeks
REPE to development?? I've been in a investment focused role but would like to get closer to the bricks. Really don't care about money, more interested in feeling like I actually created something to built environment - legit ground-up development. None of my experience is in JV with developers or ground-up development... 11 2 years 10 months
Any good REPE firms known for great culture...Is there any reputable REPE fund/shop that has an amazing work life balance & atmosphere in NYC or Cali? I wish there where REPE shops that resembled tech start-ups - young fun people, open air office environment, casual dress I dreaming? Perhaps I need to work for a small developer? 4 2 years 10 months
Green Street Advisors - culture, pay, interviews?Hey folks - what do you guys know about Green Street Advisors in Newport Beach? I've heard that their culture is quite weird/cut-throat despite being located in newport beach? True anyone work or interview with them? Pay is apparently good, but how good? Has anyone interviewed there? Any... 2 2 years 11 months
REPE debt fund - what kind of excel modelling is...I'm preparing for an interview with a REPE Debt Fund (hence my prior posting regarding this topic). I was curious to know what types of financial models are typically used. The folks I'm interviewing with typically purchase portfolios of distressed assets, rarely individual properties. Does... 6 2 years 12 months
Move to Cali? - small fund team - would you do it?I will probably get an offer (hopefully within the next few days) for an opportunity to join a good fund with great pay in newport beach area. Sounds like a dream job, if I had a wife and kids...but I don't. I will likely be working pretty long hours during the week, but probably have weekends... 3 3 years 1 day
"special situations" = distressed debt...I always see people who worked in the special situations team - I get the sense that this is distressed debt investing? Second, Curious to know if these positions pigeon hole yourself even more into a specialized area of RE - or if the skillset you learn from debt investing can be used to move... 14 3 years 2 days
Do any PE shops pay for b-school?Is it unheard of for PE shops to sponsor a full-time MBA similar to strategy consulting firms and some i-banks? Is this something that is perhaps negotiated on a case-by-case basis? 11 3 years 4 weeks
importance of workplace dynamics/environment in...I'm considering making the leap from a very social and dynamic consulting firm to a small 4 person PE team, which is one of the smaller offices of a much larger PE firm which you have all heard of. The particular office has incredibly nice and friendly guys, but I'm concerned that my... 3 3 years 1 month
Top REPE firm culture variances?Can anyone tell me from the top 15 firms if they are aware of the culture and work/life balance. Naturally we all know that Blackstone is brutal. Also, I've heard that Starwood... 16 3 years 1 month


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bump - does anybody know the hours in this group...bump - does anybody know the hours in this group given that they don't technically work on transactions or do heavy modelling? Is this a 50 hour a week type of place, except when doing a roadshow or something. 7 2 years 1 month
Hi Alex, I was curious to know when it comes to...Hi Alex, I was curious to know when it comes to the top 7 MBA programs, what type of folks are admitted with GMATs under the 680 mark (approximately), thus (600-680), or the lower 20% of the range? Are these typically candidates that fill rare gaps in terms diversity - ethnically, geography... 1,269 2 years 10 months
great thanks - anyone else with knowledge on...great thanks - anyone else with knowledge on typical excel models used? 6 2 years 12 months
thanks for the replies - yes, in a broader sense...thanks for the replies - yes, in a broader sense I was referring to a debt REPE fund which invests in distressed debt....which in some banks, the team can be grouped into the special situations team. Perhaps, my essential question though is - if you start in distressed RE debt investing - does... 14 3 years 2 days
Hey Alex, I was curious to know if you could tell...Hey Alex, I was curious to know if you could tell me what schools I should be targeting, and which schools would be a stretch given the following stats. Do I have a shot at top 5? top 10? 3.8 GPA in Marketing at a Large State School (think Penn State, Rutgers, Florida) 2.5 Years experience... 1,269 3 years 3 weeks
After digging around it appears that Colony is...After digging around it appears that Colony is also a sweatshop if you are in their L.A. headquarters...not sure what it is like in other cities. A friend that I spoke to said that Prudential PREI headquarters is located in suburban Morristown, NJ and a lot of the younger analysts/associates... 16 3 years 1 month
FrankD'anconia: DaisukiDaYo: Where did you get...[quote=FrankD'anconia][quote=DaisukiDaYo]Where did you get this list ?[/quote] I could be wrong though.[/quote] Correct, PERE ranking. 16 3 years 1 month
I'm sure there has to be people on this forum who...I'm sure there has to be people on this forum who have friends, former bull-pen buddies, or work at these firms themselves who can add some sort of value. 16 3 years 1 month
Hello Heidi, I was curious to know how well the...Hello Heidi, I was curious to know how well the admissions teams at top 10 US b-schools understand international grading trends at top international schools. I did a quantitative masters course at Oxford, and by practice in my course they didn't give any distinction or "first" marks, so... 528 3 years 1 month
fk, its funny you mention carlyle....because, its funny you mention carlyle....because if you check out their website, their real estate team is comprised of people with surprisingly "average" credentials, especially at the junior levels, most did not do IB or other well known feeders, most did not go to elite schools. hence why i... 8 5 years 6 months
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