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Pru plc: Seeking a dual primary listing and...I'm having some trouble understanding Prudential's plans to seek a dual primary listing in Hong Kong and secondary listing in Singapore in addition to its London listing. Pru have stated that there will be no new issue of shares but one of their motivations for the additional listings is to... 5 years 9 months
InvestecAnybody ever worked or dealt with Investec? I know they have decent presences in South Africa, London and Australia but in terms of recent deals etc, i'm coming up blank. I know part of the reason is that alot of their work is for private companies and / or high net worth individuals but i'm sure... 7 years 3 days
Valuing a bank?It's been bugging me for awhile. How do most FIG groups run a valuation for a bank? Particularly an integrated bank: retail, corporate, wealth management, brokerage business? SOTP? What are the major considerations (both quant and qual) that you need to look at? What sort of similarities can... 7 years 9 months
BNP Paribas & ABN AMROAny thoughts on either bank both from an European and American perspective? From the league tables, I know both do pretty well in Europe just curious how their IBD is perceived given that BNP is a full-service bank/IB and I haven't really heard much about ABN at all. Have they pitched for any... 9 years 2 months
A Day in the LifeWhenever i read those "A Day in the Life" profiles on various career pages i'm filled with conflicting emotions. On the one hand i think, these type of profiles tracking analysts throughout the course of their day are interesting and do provide some insights. On the other hand, most of these... 9 years 2 months
Daily "Downtime"Just curious, given that most ibankers are working 16-18 hour days, exactly how much of that time is "downtime". Downtime defined as watercooler conversation, surfing the net, sending personal e-mails, visiting friends in other departments, etc. Does the average analyst keep working while... 9 years 2 months
Newbridge Capital -- thoughts?Anybody interviewed, worked or otherwise interacted with Newbridge? Thoughts or experiences regarding the firm and its people, culture, lifestyle, etc? I'm curious as to where exactly Newbridge falls within the greater PE universe given its backing by TPG and Blum Partners. What exactly is the... 9 years 2 months


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Is there an update?Is there an update? 7 years 1 day
Any other thoughts on the culture or people?...Any other thoughts on the culture or people? Hours and comp? 7 years 2 days
What are you talking about, aspiringmonkey? Do...What are you talking about, aspiringmonkey? Do you fit this description? Judging by your reaction, I must surmise the answer must be "yes". Perhaps you simply have a case of a guilty conscience? As the saying goes though, if the shoe fits... 9 years 2 months
Very insipiring. I guess it just goes to show...Very insipiring. I guess it just goes to show that rather than wasting your life talking about how bad you want to get into IB, bemoaning the inequities of the process, and spending 15 hours a day trolling an online forum, you actually went out there and did what it took to get the job done. I... 9 years 2 months
Interesting. I guess it just goes to show the...Interesting. I guess it just goes to show the differences in regional offices. After talking to some other members on this board, I've heard that ABN has a fairly decent presence in Asia-Pacific in addition to its strength in Europe. Sounds like they're still struggling to make an impact in the... 9 years 2 months
I guess again, I wasn't looking for some sort of...I guess again, I wasn't looking for some sort of cookie-cutter type outline of each day but rather an account of what your day was today, or yesterday, or you pick a particular or memorable day and run with it. 9 years 2 months
To clarify, rather than looking for an "average...To clarify, rather than looking for an "average day" which i know doesn't really exist in template terms, I was angling more towards describe your day today or the day that you've just had. 9 years 2 months
How is Rothschild perceived or regarded within...How is Rothschild perceived or regarded within the IB community in terms of prestige, standing, quality of deal-flow, etc? 9 years 2 months
Ok. So, for those at both BBs and boutiques, what...Ok. So, for those at both BBs and boutiques, what percentage of your day would you estimate as being downtime? 9 years 2 months
Good article and information, ermen and...Good article and information, ermen and cafe_apple. Much appreciated. 9 years 2 months
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