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NYC Bucket ListI'm going to be starting a new job in mid-June, and I have a free week of absolutely nothing to do during the day. Anyone have good ideas of how to waste it? I'm already planning on doing MoMA, the Met, Chinatown, Katz, Grimaldi's. Anyone who suggests Diablo 3 or jacking it, will have monkey... 46 3 years 11 months
Does anyone have the Lumia 900 or a Windows 7...I've been a iPhone user (as well as iMac and iPad) since '07. I'm kind of getting bored of it and thinking about making a switch. I'm liking the Mondrian / minimalist look of the Windows 7 OS. Does anyone have a Windows 7 phone, and what do you think? 7 3 years 11 months
How long should I wait?It's been about three weeks since I had final rounds. Should I call to ask for an update? If I call, should I get in touch with HR or the people I interviewed with? 13 7 years 10 months
Any recommended tailors in UES?I don't need anything too special, I'm just looking for a reasonably priced and reasonable job done. 8 years 9 months
LFG/FSG --> PEJust curious how differently sponsors interview analysts out of LFG/FSG. 6 9 years 2 months


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fcastig0220: What about Vanderbilt, Carnegie...[quote=fcastig0220]What about Vanderbilt, Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern, and LACs like Colgate Middlebury, and Davidson?[/quote] All of those are what you would call Semi-Target Schools (except maybe Northwestern). They're all targeted by some BBs, not not all fo them. So instead of having 15... 217 3 months 1 week
It depends on when you get all of your HR shit...It depends on when you get all of your HR shit taken care of. I got my stuff done right away and got my check in December, some people waited and got theirs in January/February 83 1 year 6 months
It doesn't matter since your new job should cover...It doesn't matter since your new job should cover the sign-on bonus you have to pay back. 135 1 year 11 months
AM without a doubt. When comparing Front Office...AM without a doubt. When comparing Front Office to Middle / Back Office positions, take position over name anyday of the week. If you're comparing Citi Equity Research versus 5-person Middle Market Boutique M&A, then name definitely wins out. 4 3 years 8 months
Monogramming is more acceptable either the more...Monogramming is more acceptable either the more senior you are or the better you are. If you're a rock star analyst / associate / etc., no one's going give a f'. 17 3 years 8 months
Credit Card: CitiForward. No annual fee and 5x...Credit Card: CitiForward. No annual fee and 5x points on Restaurants / Books (includes / Movies. Online Broker: Fidelity. I've had them since I was a 1st year analyst. But you should check your bank's list of approved brokers. Some places allow outside online brokers such as Schwab... 11 3 years 8 months
Go with an expensive wallet. Prada wallets go for...Go with an expensive wallet. Prada wallets go for around $400 I think. 41 3 years 8 months
deadish42: thanks for the reply, the 300-400...[quote=deadish42]thanks for the reply, the 300-400 dollar range is what I would be comfortable with. I also found a Hugo Boss suit online at nordstrom for 450. However, I've looked for reviews on here and it seems that reviews for HB suits are very mixed. Any advice on good brands in that 300-400... 3 3 years 10 months
Disincentivy: Those who lift religiously and...[quote=Disincentivy]Those who lift religiously and want to look like professional body builders do it because they are passionate about it. Guys who lift moderately and are ripped/sculpted are hot and they do it to look hot and. Chicks like hot men, and I will take a 6 pack over a "soft" tummy... 147 3 years 10 months
No need for PV of Op Leases. If leases are...No need for PV of Op Leases. If leases are significant, then you should probably do a lease-adjusted leverage of: (Total Debt + 8*Operating Leases [multiple depends on industry]) / EBITDAR 3 3 years 10 months
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