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Best companies for Middle-Office PositionsI know that this is primarily and IB site, but, there are other avenues of moving into an IB or Asset Mgmt positions that are non-traditional in nature. My question is this: What are the best companies with Middle-Office positions that pay well, have the best possibility of moving into an IB or AM... 9 years 2 months
Interview questionsI have done a search and there a several answers to the interview questions. Yet, I propose that some of the more knowledgeable members answer these questions or those that have been through the interview process, or not. Perhaps one of the mods can make this a sticky and members can keep adding to... 9 years 2 months
GS Middle Office Salary?I am wondering what the salary/compensation structure is for a middle office position in the finance division as an analyst and an associate for GS. Thanks for your info. 9 years 2 months


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Sometimes in Morningstar they go in depth, for...Sometimes in Morningstar they go in depth, for free, on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of a company. Usually, the 10K is where most of your info will be. Although you might find it a bit tedious to go through and somewhat dry, it has what you need. 8 years 9 months
My friend's brother-in-law is an ex-SEAL and we...My friend's brother-in-law is an ex-SEAL and we have chatted several times about his days in the SEALs (well, what he could actually tell me cause it was classified and he doesn't like to gloat). He says that a lot of skills he has transferred over to the business side are intangible in nature... 8 years 11 months
Undergrad: $80K+ Grad: $25K All in all it's not...Undergrad: $80K+ Grad: $25K All in all it's not bad to pay your way, that way you don't owe anybody a damn thing (except for Sallie Mae and the like). You can deduct the interest from your taxes at then end of the year...keep or get a little extra cheddar. My kids are definately paying... 8 years 11 months
I like him due to his honesty, as warped as it...I like him due to his honesty, as warped as it may be, but I also realize that if it wasn't for Chappelle leaving he would be relegated to lower than 2 tier status as a leftover show for Comedy Central. Having said that, I do watch his shows and they make me laugh my ass off... 8 years 11 months
Wahoowa05 to be a bit more specific: the average...Wahoowa05 to be a bit more specific: the average time I heard from them was about 6 months sometimes a month or two more. The one for 2.5 years, I believe, was an anomaly. Even he said he wasn't happy with the length of time he had to wait but was happy that he finally got in. 9 years 4 days
Some of Goldman's people came to my city in late...Some of Goldman's people came to my city in late fall and talked about working for GS(it was a presentation/pre-employment screening for several groups). They talked about the process to get hired and one guy said it took him 6 months before he got hired into S... 9 years 4 days
kmahajan, I am in the same boat as you but for...kmahajan, I am in the same boat as you but for another part of the finance division. From what I know, due to my friend being hired by the company that does the HR stuff for GS, it is a bit of both. It is mainly a personality/fit type interview with a good amount of financial questions in... 9 years 4 weeks
If Tito goes in and starts taking Chuck down...If Tito goes in and starts taking Chuck down without being able to keep him down he will run out of gas quick. However, if he decides to be more calculating and mixes it up slowly punishing Chuck over 5 rounds, he might get the nod at the end of the night. If Chuck bounces back up and hits Tito... 9 years 1 month
BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I nearly shit myself reading...BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I nearly shit myself reading these, but seriously: think about the boutique Pa and Pa joints where food is served in rollerskates. I believe this will help you with the delicate balance of products, service and customers, after all don't BB's... 9 years 1 month
Alvar, Not many people know what they want to do...Alvar, Not many people know what they want to do their senior year of high school: most have not taken the necessary business courses nor do most have the maturity to realize that you really can impact your life early on, plus, they're too busy chasing pussy and getting drunk. I was still... 9 years 1 month
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