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VIDEO: Wall Street's Full of BrosWith less than 200 views as of right now, there's no way you schlumps out there already have your dirty little mitts on this, so consider this my main value add for the year since I'm too busy enjoying my last year of college to sit on the boards all day like I used to when I still needed a job... 25 5 years 6 months
laser mouse for salei have a really dope logitech laser mouse for sale for those of you out there who advocate the use of satan's spreadsheet shitstorm, commonly referred to as excel 2007. i would like to profit from your inability to master shortcuts and judas sheep dedication to this 'ribbon' whatever the fuck it is... 5 years 9 months
shirts with pockets vs those withoutfirst, i dont need you telling me to search the forums because this has already been discussed dozens of times...i know. im not here to agrue with high schoolers about what the fuck i should wear to work i dont give a shit its just clothes. second, its been a long week and i want to curse so if... 8 5 years 9 months
When you see it...I don't know if any of you guys came across this ad, but IMO it rivals the infamous Darden Doucher. My guess is that it popped up due to some algorithm that found the word curves in the post, but if a gym for overweight 40+ year old women has resorted to advertising on WSO, I'd say its a good... 2 5 years 11 months
Traders Icing TradersAll I could picture while reading this was every single trader on the floor of the NYSE walking around with a bottle of smirnoff ice discreetly hidden in their pocket. 6 5 years 11 months
Giving Workplace Flexibility a New MeaningWhile most of us are slaving away in cubes or at our group's pod, the guys at the new Macquarie office in Sydney are spending their days in quite a different setting. The article mentions that the building consultant's idea was to encourage and facilitate a new way of working, and many seem to be... 4 5 years 11 months
AHHHH!!! Elena KaganAs we all have heard, Obama has nominated Elena Kagan to the supreme court. While many bring into question her lack of judicial experience, I happen to be much more concerned that aside from individuals suffering from birth defects and severe disease, she is one of the ugliest people I have ever... 20 5 years 11 months
Non-target Success StoriesWe may not have gone to HYPSW, but where we went to school you bet your ass there was a designated bar to hit for every MTWTFSS. Although our alumni database has enough MDs at BBs to count on two hands, our hottest sorority has more 10s than your entire school. You might have been invited to 15 of... 10 5 years 11 months
how do i get recruiters to realize......that I have a 14 inch wang? I've tried putting it in different places on my resume, but I don't want to come off as too cocky to the recruiters or human resources ladies. I used to put it next to my phone number, but all of the human resources ladies would end up stealing my resume and... 5 5 years 12 months
kick out the jamsJust wanted to know what you other monkeys listen to in the morning on the commute to work whether it be an ipod on the train or the 5000 watt system you got built into your trunk to prove once and for all to the world that the closest profession to banking is selling crack. If you don’t have a... 63 6 years 1 month


Preview Replies Freshness da kine. their... da kine. their backpacks are the intersection of style, function, and durability, and prices are surprisingly reasonable. a lot of their models have padded laptop sleeves as well. i own 3 and have had two of them for over 5 years 130 4 months 3 weeks
I do not drink this sugary bullshit. My friends...I do not drink this sugary bullshit. My friends do, however, and this drank will get you fucked out of your mind, especially if you don't binge regularly. More importantly, and the reason for my post, is the hangover that you will have from this shit. Don't say I didn't warn you. One wretched... 64 5 years 6 months
John Thain?John Thain? 8 5 years 9 months
that VD gets 'em every time...that VD gets 'em every time... 3 5 years 9 months
HA golden opportunity if you like slaying Indian...HA golden opportunity if you like slaying Indian chicks with more bush than Crawford Texas 43 5 years 9 months
ha good one. free porn on the internet...i bet...ha good one. free porn on the internet...i bet next you're going to tell me that they're giving out free healthcare too 8 5 years 9 months
1) You use spreadsheets in your everyday life......1) You use spreadsheets in your everyday for? You can't figure out how to split your internet porn subscriptions between your roommates? 2) I would commit heinous acts of violence against kittens and puppies if I had to use Excel 2007. More than I fear my eventual death, I fear the... 8 5 years 9 months
undershirt = underage ...unless you sweat like a...undershirt = underage ...unless you sweat like a caveman or have an enormous bushel of chest pubes you're trying to keep down 30 5 years 9 months
touche. fuck pocketstouche. fuck pockets 8 5 years 9 months
Guess its a good thing hes teaching their MSF...Guess its a good thing hes teaching their MSF because when he was going to teach a class at HBS barely anyone signed up for it seeing it was going to be pretty rigorous and he ended up not teaching it 3 5 years 9 months
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