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Interview: Oil & Gas Internal M&A GroupI've managed to get an interview with the internal M... 4 4 years 8 months
Citi Houston Energy IBD Phone InterviewHave my first phone interview with the group soon, with a junior associate. Any suggestions or insight? I'm expecting some basic technicals (connections of 3 statements, DCF walk-through, cost of debt vs. equity), but don't know really what else to expect. Probably will get some "Why Citi"... 11 5 years 2 months
Energy Banking Help: Type Curve ModelAttempting to split DCF to build in pricing for wet gas (separate dry gas from NGLs) and dry gas. Anyone have any model templates for this? Flying blind without an older analyst... 3 5 years 7 months
Advantage FuturesSetting up a meeting with them in Chicago fairly soon. Anyone know anything about them? Any input would be appreciated. 1 6 years 1 month


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PM mePM me 670 6 months 3 weeks
there are tons of recent threads about this,...there are tons of recent threads about this, search the forum. 670 6 months 3 weeks
Anyone ranking Gulfstar with any of the boutiques...Anyone ranking Gulfstar with any of the boutiques mentioned here is fucking high. TPH... 670 6 months 3 weeks
.... 8 2 years 5 months
.... 112 2 years 5 months
Agreed, rents are insane right now. If I add...Agreed, rents are insane right now. If I add vehicle & insurance I could easily be renting in NYC, although my apt would be significantly shittier... I would not buy at the moment if I were you. Houston continues to set monthly home-sales records; you're just asking to lose money. 61 2 years 7 months
Network as much as possible to get whatever early...Network as much as possible to get whatever early internships you can. I had internships beginning my freshman year, which helped me overcome a shitty sub 3.0 GPA (I liked work better than school...). I never listed my overall GPA on my resume, just my finance GPA (which was like a ~3.2).... 8 2 years 7 months
Still waiting for numbers here...Still waiting for numbers here... 98 2 years 9 months
tiger2012: State of Trance: I heard that...[quote=tiger2012] State of Trance: I heard that Vanderbilt had the second most number of analysts in IB at BAML in NY last year for 2013. True that, mad Vandy kids at BAML. A couple at Goldman, few at Citi. These are just from peoples I know.[/quote] Agreed, also know of several Vandy... 10 2 years 12 months
Kato: Plan your weekends - As sad as it is, no...[quote=Kato] Plan your weekends - As sad as it is, no one is entitled to a personality these days. You’re going to have to work for it. Most people are still stuck in the Matrix thinking that working hard alone solves all of life’s problems and that “things will just work out” if you put in your... 54 2 years 12 months
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