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Does anyone have that article...Does anyone have a link to that article that came out in early March in either the WSJ or the NYT about the whole PE associate recruiting process and how early/intense it is? Would really appreciate the link. Thanks! 2 4 years 11 months
Paper LBO modelI've heard in some interviews of candidates being asked to construct a paper LBO model, where they are given a bunch of information and have to walk through the LBO math. Could someone provide an example of how this plays out? What information will you be given, what are you asked to calculate,... 2 5 years 2 months
Private equity tough interview questionsFor those of you who have gone through private equity interviews before, I'd like to know what questions you've gotten. Not just the hardest questions, but a laundry list of all the questions you've been asked. What are the different ways you can prepare for these questions? 7 1 year 10 months
AMT Diagnostic TestI needed to do this before training--just finished. Anyone want to check answers? 5 years 10 months
What should I expect for FT training (BB IBD)?Some say take it seriously. Others treat it as a 6 week party. What's the reality? Are we not ranked and tested on a weekly basis. How do our staffers and evaluators use these test scores? In general, what is your advice for making the most out of my bank's training program? 5 5 years 11 months


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thx man. SB for you!thx man. SB for you! 2 4 years 11 months
Thanks. Silver banana for thatThanks. Silver banana for that 2 5 years 2 months
Thanks. I did read that thread previously and...Thanks. I did read that thread previously and found it really helpful. And yes, I agree that fit is very important, but a solid fundamental understanding of the math of an LBO and accounting is also very important. If someone who has been on several PE interviews could walk us through an... 7 5 years 4 months
I went to college on the east coast and spent 3...I went to college on the east coast and spent 3 summers in NYC before moving to SF (originally from the area). Here are a few thoughts: -Expenses are 30-40% cheaper. My fellow analysts are finding apartments for under 1000, food is way cheaper, and a lot of bars and clubs dont have cover... 4 5 years 5 months
Met an MD there a couple years ago, said they...Met an MD there a couple years ago, said they only take people after 2 year analyst stints. This was a couple years ago though, so I'm not contradicting angry_keebler's post. 14 5 years 10 months
sent you a PMsent you a PM 12 5 years 10 months
Hi Alex, I'll be starting at a top 3 BB...Hi Alex, I'll be starting at a top 3 BB investment bank in the fall. I'd like to go to business school after 4 years, and want to do some "extras" on the side to bolster my application (such as volunteering, working with a non-profit, etc). I've been told that trying to join a board would be a... 1,269 5 years 11 months
What are you looking to do? If you want to jump...What are you looking to do? If you want to jump to a PE firm, M... 7 5 years 11 months
I strongly disagree that UCLA's recruiting is on...I strongly disagree that UCLA's recruiting is on par with USC and Berkeley. My BB bank has a couple students from both UCB and USC in this year's analyst class, but zero from UCLA. Also, McK and BCG do NOT consider UCLA a target. It's true that USC's academic standard is inferior to Cal, but it... 39 6 years 1 week
-Don't panic. -Only print your GPA in...-Don't panic. -Only print your GPA in Concentration, rather than your overall GPA on your resume. -Make sure to keep in contact with the places you interviewed at. You never know when one could lead to a good connection or opportunity in the future. Also make sure to get feedback on what you... 5 6 years 1 month
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