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Ask me any question you have about Prime BrokerageI realized that there really isn't much information on prime brokerage on this site, even though it has been a significant source of revenue at bulge bracket banks under the S... 5 years 3 months


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Ask me any question you have about Prime Brokerage"hi, do you know what fees do MORGAN STANLEY AND SMITH BARNEY charge for prime brokerage? and what is the common proportions between the assets and price of the brokerage service?" Fees depend on the relationships the hedge fund clients have with PBs, and the size/credit strength of the hedge... 5 years 1 month
Am I being a b1tch?50 hours = pretty sweet. 5 years 1 month
is trading really that profitable?the people and the products. do you like them? if you don't, the prestige and other vein shallow shit can't make it up... 5 years 2 months
Are Traders really bigger ballers than Sales?in credit trading in my bb, even the TRADERS (senior ones) have to entertain clients once a week on average. (drinks/dinner) the sales...i bet 3 nights a week at least. yea agree with the part that sales on junior level doesnt really give you much transferrable skills. you are really just... 5 years 2 months
Barclays Rotation Rankdamn....way too many choices. 5 years 2 months
Barclays Rotation Rankhow come there are so few sales options? or did you just not list them? are there a lot of prime services desks? i would imagine prime services desks will grab a lot of people, like it or not. coz a lot of people left recently and they have a ton of headcounts to fill. in terms of trading... 5 years 2 months
Switching from Banking to S&T - Possible?...[quote=srr636]So, I'm a 2nd year analyst at JPM, spent a year and a half in debt capital markets and then switched into credit analysis mainly because my life was slowly falling apart as a result of working 18 hours a day and partially because i needed/wanted a stronger background in corp. fin... 5 years 2 months
Ask me any question you have about Prime Brokerage[quote=jauunny]Thanks for your reply! I just got out of school that why im kinda nervy about it. I guess the job sounds relatively chill so thats one upside to it i guess.[/quote] Another upside is you work with a lot of people, from financing desk to margin desk to sales people to operations... 5 years 2 months
Ask me any question you have about Prime Brokerage[quote=jauunny]I just got offered a PB client services role in a big bank with a relatively new PB department. But the not-so-good vibes about clients service reps is scaring me a bit. Was wondering: What should i expect? What are some of the career progressions possible? Can I move to... 5 years 2 months
Ask me any question you have about Prime BrokerageI'd also like to add that PB is a valuable business. If you look at an investment bank, you can almost do a sum of all parts valuation. V(bank) = V(M... 5 years 3 months