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Just So You Guys Know...Andy note: "Throwback Thursdays" - this post originally went up August 2007 and it's scary how accurate @bondarb was in predicting what was to come next. Read the post and the comments and I guarantee you will get shivers... I used to post here fairly often but haven't been here in awhile and... 1 year 3 months
The First Annual WSO Fantasy Macro League 2014OK fellas i have seen a lot of half-ass macro theory on this board over the years and now I think its time to figure out who has the chops and who is the true macro master of WSO. The Rules are simple. 10 players. each player must submit 2 trades each week. Each Trade should have a thought out... 1 year 5 months
Just plowing back into the big ive beeen abroad for awhile, trading out of london and havent been keeping up with the WSO flow. I tried to check my inbox but its swapmed and i cant get a handle on it...cant pull the signal from the noise if u know what i mean. Could somebody please give me the 500 word update? Or... 2 years 3 months
Rodney Dangerfield and perserverence...Strangely enough, I was at one of the few remaining bookstores awhile back and picked up Rodney Dangerfield's biography ("It aint easy being me") just to kill a few minutes. I have always loved dangerfield and actually when I was in high school I burned through his original tape version of "No... 3 years 9 months
Recommended BookYou guys should check out the new anotated version of Reminsces of a Stock goes through the original text and uses margin annotations to put all the stories and characters in historical context. Really great for anyone who has an interest in the history of the 1920's and the history... 4 years 8 months
Fall PredictionsSo Labor Day seems like a good time to take stock of where we're at and make some predictions for fall! ...I personally would like to get on record and get everyone's thoughts for the next 3 months. Of course we all run the risk of looking incredibly stupid when we put our thoughts down on (... 5 years 9 months
Nice Capitulation Indicator: This Website!So I haven't posted in awhile, although some may remember me from my post of August 2007 when I said both Bear and Lehman might go out of business and was roundly mocked for it. Anyway, I think that a nice indicator that perhaps we are near a bottom in this financial mess (although not near the... 6 years 5 months
I am Back to GloatHi I haven't been around for awhile, but I couldn't help but come back and re-read my hall of fame post entitled "Just so You Guys Know" which I wrote back before the dawn of the credit crisis. I must say that just about everything in the post has come true, including the collapse of Bear Stearns... 7 years 23 hours


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Only girl, help?I am not a woman, but have had the experience of working at small hedge funds where I was by far the youngest person and working in small teams at larger hedge funds where again I was the youngest by a wide margin. a few things: 1) Older people do not want to socialize outside the office as... 2 hours 16 min
Bonuses and bonus etiquetteI would not complain until you get your ducks in a row. At the day of the bonus simply smile and nod and take your check. Collect your thoughts over a few days, and then come back with a calm and reasoned argument about why you deserved more. Be careful not to make it an still... 6 days 3 hours
Bad Luck JustinThe dude was stupid. Never put something on company email that you wouldn't be comfortable seeing up on a billboard in Times Square with your name on it. That is a hard and fast rule and when you break it you do so at your peril especially if your plans in life include working someplace as... 3 weeks 2 hours
A girl on tumblr wrote a guide on what your friends do, not what they say. She may tell you she values money but if she is an attractive girl in her early 20s I guarantee she has dudes she sleeps with that aren't there for the money. I wont go so far as to say your friends are lying when they say they have dudes paying them... 3 weeks 4 hours
A girl on tumblr wrote a guide on targetting...[quote="chicandtoughness"] theebreadwinner: Do the girls not care about looks/sex? Lets be serious here, girls aren't out stalking premature ejaculators at "top groups" over other good looking guys with game Sure they do. But let's be honest - when have you seen a girl choose good sex over heaps... 3 weeks 1 day
The Work Always Gets DoneFirstly suicides are not caused by too much work they are caused primarily by genuine mental illness or addiction. Further, I have seen no evidence that suicide is more common amongst investment banking analysts then amongst the general population, and if I had to bet on it I would bet that... 3 weeks 5 days
The 4-Hour WorkweekI like the four hour workweek and I have implemented a lot of Tim ferris' stuff. The email batching is a no brainer that i for some reason was not doing prior to reading the book and his process of moving toward working full-time out of the office is something I have steadily worked on for years... 1 month 1 week
BUND UGLYFor a leveraged investor negative yields do not imply positive carry to a short. Right now some of the most negative yielding markets offer significant positive carry for longs because funding is even more negative. 1 month 1 week
Critique my retirement portfolio - I'm 27...[quote=IlliniProgrammer]I really don't think you have enough. Certainly not if you plan on living in a major city. I'd wait for interest rates to go up and buy an annuity.[/quote] Agree. If you really want to drop out at 27 with 2MM in the bank you are going to have to move someplace low cost... 3 months 4 days
Advancement opportunities at mid-sized or smaller...Smaller hedge funds, like any other small business, are very tenuous operations. The whole thing could collapse at any moment due not only to a bad trading decision but also due to an issue with a prime broker, a bad operational error, or, most importantly, on the whim of just about any single... 4 months 2 weeks