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Just So You Guys Know...Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted in August 2007 and it's scary how accurate @bondarb" was in predicting what was to come next: [quote=bondarb] is very possible that a big name like Bear or Lehman could flat go out of business like Drexel Burnham did in... 129 9 months 2 weeks
The First Annual WSO Fantasy Macro League 2014OK fellas i have seen a lot of half-ass macro theory on this board over the years and now I think its time to figure out who has the chops and who is the true macro master of WSO. The Rules are simple. 10 players. each player must submit 2 trades each week. Each Trade should have a thought out... 265 2 years 3 months
Just plowing back into the big ive beeen abroad for awhile, trading out of london and havent been keeping up with the WSO flow. I tried to check my inbox but its swapmed and i cant get a handle on it...cant pull the signal from the noise if u know what i mean. Could somebody please give me the 500 word update? Or... 5 3 years 1 month
Rodney Dangerfield and perserverence...Strangely enough, I was at one of the few remaining bookstores awhile back and picked up Rodney Dangerfield's biography ("It aint easy being me") just to kill a few minutes. I have always loved dangerfield and actually when I was in high school I burned through his original tape version of "No... 6 4 years 7 months
Recommended BookYou guys should check out the new anotated version of Reminsces of a Stock goes through the original text and uses margin annotations to put all the stories and characters in historical context. Really great for anyone who has an interest in the history of the 1920's and the history... 2 5 years 6 months
Fall PredictionsSo Labor Day seems like a good time to take stock of where we're at and make some predictions for fall! ...I personally would like to get on record and get everyone's thoughts for the next 3 months. Of course we all run the risk of looking incredibly stupid when we put our thoughts down on (... 49 6 years 7 months
Nice Capitulation Indicator: This Website!So I haven't posted in awhile, although some may remember me from my post of August 2007 when I said both Bear and Lehman might go out of business and was roundly mocked for it. Anyway, I think that a nice indicator that perhaps we are near a bottom in this financial mess (although not near the... 12 7 years 3 months
I am Back to GloatHi I haven't been around for awhile, but I couldn't help but come back and re-read my hall of fame post entitled "Just so You Guys Know" which I wrote back before the dawn of the credit crisis. I must say that just about everything in the post has come true, including the collapse of Bear Stearns... 19 7 years 10 months


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my two watches are a Cartier French Tank which two watches are a Cartier French Tank which I wear with suits and a Panerai Luminor Marina which I wear with more casual outfits (ie 85% of the time). Both are classics that I will own for the rest of my life which is how i justified the cost. 128 2 months 3 weeks
if you are at a multi manager all those numbers...if you are at a multi manager all those numbers will be decided by the PMs who brought you over. Generally there is no standard for analysts, it is based on the deal the PM has with the firm and what he wants to give you out of that deal. At most of these places there are also analysts who work... 7 2 months 3 weeks
not sure the OP really gets how laws are made....not sure the OP really gets how laws are made. We arent going to see 90% tax rates with the house massively republican and that map wont change at all until 2020 at the earliest due to gerrymandering. 48 2 months 4 weeks
millennium, Brevan Howard, tudor just off the top...millennium, Brevan Howard, tudor just off the top of my head...most of the funds that are still around after 15-20 years are able to charge more then 2/20 and most of them have shown to be very good investments even at those exorbinant fee levels. 27 6 months 6 days
the fee structure of hedge funds has become quite...the fee structure of hedge funds has become quite bifurcated...most new fund start with fees much lower then 2 and 20 while many old established funds still get away with charging well North of that amount. 27 6 months 1 week
one idea: 1) Dig deeply into the universe idea: 1) Dig deeply into the universe of publicly traded homebuilding/home improvement stocks and learn them well 2) Spin your experience in home design into a story about "unique experience" and a unique expert network that helps you get an edge in this corner of the market 3) Apply to... 26 6 months 1 week
if you made that 20MM at a hedge fund you would...if you made that 20MM at a hedge fund you would get paid somewhere between two and four million dollars and you likely would be given rope to try to make more. That is the endgame and why you want to stay in the business...but make no mistake its a hard road. 85 6 months 4 weeks
I think a large part of your dissatisfaction... I think a large part of your dissatisfaction comes from expectations that were wildly out of whack. As someone with a bit more experience I can tell you that 100MM paydays werent just falling from the sky before the GFC and seats where you took wild directional bets with no risk management were... 40 8 months 1 week
I don't want to start going thru current market...I don't want to start going thru current market stuff...I will say that nothing sticks out as obviously today as the housing bubble did in 2007....not by a long shot. that doesn't mean such opportunities aren't there but if they are I don't see them as clearly. 129 9 months 2 weeks
I am still around and I never said I didn't make...I am still around and I never said I didn't make any money off of it. but of course in retrospect it all seems very easy and I should have made much more. 129 9 months 2 weeks
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