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Life after Investment BankingMod Note: Throwback Thursday: this post originally went up 4/25/12 Like a majority of people who are on this website, I used to come on here and write bullshit about a life partly my own, partly fantasy. I'm now going to uncloak the anonymous man and tell you my story. My name is Stephen... 292 10 months 2 weeks
Leaving Banking. Fold.When I was in banking, I lost nearly £17,000 spread betting on the Goldman Sachs SEC trial. I lost another gut wrenching chunk of money in Vegas playing poker with the big boys. Sucks right? But "life is long, I'll win it back". And so I went on, and yes, from time to time I also made healthy... 34 2 years 12 months
Why bother being good?WHY BOTHER BEING GOOD? Everyday the newspaper tells the same depressing stories. Youth crime, corporate tax-avoidance, dishonest lawyers, selfish bankers, mass genocide, needless wars, countless violent acts of extreme hatred, rape, oppression and corruption, right down to the cheating... 33 3 years 1 month
The Music VideoIt's been an incredible year since leaving IB, just wanted to say thanks to all those who have messaged me and share the latest vid, happy new year folks! 4 3 years 3 months
Summer Video. Have a good weekend!Hey.. New video for you guys if interested. It's a video of my last 9 months, recorded on iPhone, over a piano cover I've done of the #1 UK dance track. Hope you like! 4 3 years 10 months
Life after Investment Banking, part 2I just wanted to reply to a few of the comments on my first post... 1. I don't know what else I could do The picture on this post is an entry I wrote in my journal one hour after walking of the door of the bank. You don't... 26 3 years 12 months
leaving IB, next steps...I'm confused. I used to post on here a couple of years ago, most of what I posted was bullsh*t. The truth is I was in my final year at university, I'd just done an internship, wasn't sure how I felt about it as a prospective life, and I wanted to play banker on the internet to test the water a... 52 4 years 12 months
bullshit breakdown (for prospective monkeys)Breaking down the bullshit for the prospective monkeys! Any questions, feel free to ask on here on PM me. Department: IBD at a major BB, London office Number of girls that I've managed to sleep with as a direct result of working at a bank: 0 (got with 1 - she worked in IBD and wouldn't put... 54 5 years 11 months
Goldman share priceWhen the SEC announcement came on the 16th, I thought the market overreacted. Monday morning, I got my spread bet account and started buying goldman - confident that the fundamentals of the business were sound. Amazingly they had a rocky week - despite posting huge profits - well, fuck it,... 19 5 years 12 months
unhappinessAt the age of 4 I told everyone I wanted to be rich and everyone believed I would be. I had visions of success - though its been so long, I forget what they were exactly - just a golden haze. I've always worked hard. Well, actually, I've always worked smart - working hard when I need to, and... 31 5 years 12 months


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Just bought a 18kt white gold and diamond 2010...Just bought a 18kt white gold and diamond 2010 edition 36mm Rolex datejust.. Say what you want, I LOVE it! This is what we go to work for!! 128 2 months 3 weeks 10 2 years 12 months
Nobody's born for anything. We make our own...Nobody's born for anything. We make our own destinies through the preferences and personalities that our surroundings and upbringing trends us towards. Ergo and equally, you don't have to do anything. You chose your direction and you blow in the winds of your own passions. That is how you find... 95 3 years 9 months 32 3 years 10 months
I did a gig on Pernod Ricard's private island,...I did a gig on Pernod Ricard's private island, Les Embiez, a couple of weeks ago - off the chain, but very windy! 19 3 years 11 months
People still spend money, and where they spend...People still spend money, and where they spend that money is at some form of business, thereby enriching the people who own that business (whether individuals or stockholders). Maybe at a lesser margin, maybe they buy less, but they still buy. And when they don't buy the business fails. This is... 120 3 years 11 months
mrcrassic: Stephen, I hope you realise that you...[quote=mrcrassic]Stephen, I hope you realise that you're the exact definition of a 'lucky bastard.' :) You play real good and can sing really well and just so happened to meet the right person at the right time and place. I have some friends who did exactly what you're advising and land up... 292 3 years 11 months
SevenFootPelicans: I'm a junior in college and...[quote=SevenFootPelicans]I'm a junior in college and I read through your entire post. Now I'm even more nervous to enter the work force... I'm not even entirely sure what I want to do when I grow up. I just want to make a modest living but at the same time have a lot of spare time to spend building... 292 3 years 11 months
I love this guy!I love this guy! 19 3 years 12 months
D M: on a beach in the middle of nowhere here...[quote=D M]on a beach in the middle of nowhere[/quote] here here 30 3 years 12 months
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