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Student BudgetSo there is a lot of talk about getting into school but I've got a question for those already in school. Are any of you tracking your expenses and how does it compare to the student budget estimate from the schools? Now that I've been accepted I'm starting to plan and was trying to figure out how... 3 3 years 6 months
Financing your MBA - loans vs savingsSo how do you plan on financing your MBA? I'm debating about how much of my savings and stocks to cash out in order to take less loans. I don't want a huge debt burden but at the same time I feel like keeping some stock and cash savings would be a smart idea for those out of the blue expenses. I've... 11 3 years 8 months
Employment ReportsI've noticed on the employment reports from a couple school that they break out Asset Management and Investment Management as different fields of employment under Finance. Aren't these essentially the same thing or am I missing something? 3 years 9 months
This suit "too much?"I'm currently in the military so I don't have a large collection of business attire. All I ever have to decide is am I wearing camouflage or dress blues today. That being said I do have a few suits and I'm trying to figure out what is best for b-school interviews and eventually work. The suit that... 15 4 years 6 months
Columbia over H/W?Am I crazy for considering this?  I’m applying to all 3 during the first round and I think I’m competitive at any of them but with such low acceptance rates there are never any guarantees.  The more research I do I’m really drawn to the value investing center that Columbia has and the fact that it’... 43 4 years 7 months
Military in PEAre there many former military folks in PE?  I know military experience is valued by a lot of companies and the right kind of experience will help you get into a good business school.  Coming out of a top MBA program and having strong military leadership experience opens a lot of doors but I’m... 5 4 years 8 months
Recommendation Letters for multiple schoolsI'm planning on starting to apply to schools this coming fall and have a question about letters of recommendation. It seems like some schools do online recommendation letters and many are very specific for what each school is looking for. I'm planning on applying to quite a few schools to keep my... 1 4 years 9 months
Work experience vs undergrad schoolingI'm new to the forum but there seems to be a lot of good information here. My question is how much does work experience make up for your undergraduate stats? I went to Georgia Tech and got my BS in Mechanical Engineering, however I was focused more on extra-curricular activities like the student... 4 6 years 1 month


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Is your degree at least in engineering or...Is your degree at least in engineering or something technical? A 2.6 is really low and if it is in something like business or finance that could be a killer. You're going to need well above a 700, more like 740+ to be competitive and even still you can rule out a Top 10 school in the US. You have... 330 9 months 1 week
I got into Columbia (and likely would have at...I got into Columbia (and likely would have at Booth too but I withdrew my application after the CBS acceptance) with a 3.03 GPA. Granted it was in Mechanical Engineering from a top engineering school and I got a 750 on the GMAT to balance it out. 76 2 years 11 months
SureThing: So this guy is seriously saying a...[quote=SureThing]So this guy is seriously saying a bonus that is two time salary means that salary is just one-third of compensation? Get the fuck outta here.[/quote] Looks like somebody failed math class. 10 3 years 3 weeks
My wife bought me this watch. For the price range...My wife bought me this watch. For the price range I think it's pretty nice. I know most watch snobs will sneer at it but when you're on a tight budget there is only so much you can afford. 15 3 years 4 weeks
This is probably a stupid comment but I've always...This is probably a stupid comment but I've always been a little confused on where/how you draw the line between AM firms and HF funds. It sounds like AM takes a longer term view but there are also value hedge funds that make similar type investments right? Is there a clear delineation that I am... 178 3 years 1 month
Instead of gambling on shitty penny stocks you...Instead of gambling on shitty penny stocks you could use options and get leveraged returns with actual consistency. You might as well fly to vegas and play roulette instead of wasting your money on penny stocks. Casinos at least give you free booze while you lose your money. 5 3 years 2 months
Prior experience always helps but the 2 careers...Prior experience always helps but the 2 careers you mentioned are two that quite commonly hire direct from top MBA programs without previous experience. Many people go to b-school to switch careers into I-Banking or consulting. If you want something more specialized like PE or VC without prior... 9 3 years 3 months
Have you worked for any associates who were...Have you worked for any associates who were straight from MBA programs and not IB analysts first? If yes how were they and any suggestions for somebody who will potentially be in that position in the future? 86 3 years 3 months
All you have to do is portray anybody on Wall...All you have to do is portray anybody on Wall Street as greedy and evil and you will get an Oscar nomination at the least. 19 3 years 3 months
Another great post. You say b-school is looked...Another great post. You say b-school is looked down on at most funds. Would an exception be for those coming out of school who used it as an opportunity to switch careers into finance to begin with? 24 3 years 3 months
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