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Listed EMEA Internet stocks non-existent?!Hi! I want to find the name / surname of research analysts covering EMEA technology stocks (hence, most likely they do that from London) with particular focus on internet stocks. #1 Btw, what do you generally think of EMEA internet stocks in terms of working as a research analyst in BB? I... 1 5 years 3 months
Choose CV out of two typesDear All, Please choose between: 1) and 2) 2) has one more line in the experience field, however, looks messy imho. is the 2-month experience in a commercial bank worth putting on the CV if looking for Corp Fin?... 16 5 years 3 months
advice on CVDear all, Please comment on the CV with focus on highlighted areas (just want to make sure it sounds ok). How can I make it better? Thanks in advance 18 5 years 7 months
London Modeling CoursesI have found the training courses in London by Analyst Exchange ($2,498.00) and Investment Banking Institute ($?). Are they worth it? How do they compete with each other? 1 5 years 8 months
Oversleeping the interviewDear All, I have found myself in an awkward situation and would like to ask you for advice. I have already signed an offer from BB for a summer analyst job, however I kept interviewing with other banks. I am going to receive an offer for the summer training program (said by HR head, confirmed... 2 5 years 11 months
Cit: first-round analyst interviewHi, I have been invited for a first-round interview for an analyst position (London, IB). 1) What should I expect? I have read a lot of technicals will be asked. Any specific questions? 2) What can your recommend besides efinancialcareers, glassdoor as sources of interview questions?... 6 years 1 month


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Hi Jon, can you please advise if I have a decent...Hi Jon, can you please advise if I have a decent chance: Age: 25 now, will be 27 in MBA year 1 GPA 1: BSc: 3.1 (top-3 Finance, Emerging Markets), MSc: 3.4 (top-10 Economics, UK) Current position: Global Venture Development Manager @ Rocket Internet (= #1 online venture builder), worked in 4... 528 2 years 3 months
go for itgo for it 16 4 years 3 months
2 mtones Sorry, I disagree with you. I mean, why...2 mtones Sorry, I disagree with you. I mean, why this thesis may be of interest, assuming newkid_onthefloor is a beginner in PE? Hypothesis 0: There is no great turnover of PE firms Hypothesis 1: There is great turnover of PE firms. Great! Now I know that the turnover of PE firms is pretty... 5 5 years 1 month
I have written my thesis on PE&VC. There are...I have written my thesis on PE... 5 5 years 1 month
anybody?anybody? 1 5 years 3 months
why not dance around the words like 'expected'why not dance around the words like 'expected' 12 5 years 3 months
be more specificbe more specific 14 5 years 3 months
stay there until u have an offer from other place...stay there until u have an offer from other place? 29 5 years 3 months
London?London? 18 5 years 3 months
Agree. talk with insiders.Agree. talk with insiders. 2 5 years 3 months
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