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I have no moneyJust ranting, but MBAs out there, is anybody in the same situation? I had no debt when came out of undergrad. Spent 2 years in IB, and had saved about $100k over that time, not spending any bonuses and not spending much except on rent (about half of my salary). Life was looking good. Then in... 130 3 years 4 months
I sourced a deal - how do I get paidHi Guys I just sourced a deal for my fund (VC/Growth Equity). We're talking low 8 figures EV. Is there some kind of standard finder's fee in the market (people working in VCs/Summit/TA please advise)? What should I negotiate with my partners? 20 3 years 8 months
Leaving your PE firmI've been working at my current PE fund for less than a year now, after breaking from IB. I must admit that when I took the job, my motivation was more to get out of banking rather than because I thought the fund was great. I was really getting killed badly in IB, and not getting paid much to... 39 4 years 1 month
How Old is Old?By what age would you expect to have "made it" in the industry i.e. MD in banking, Partner in PE/VC, etc.? And I don't mean being a millionaire but achieved a well-established leadership position in your given profession. The age at which you are not going to try to "break" into something or... 12 4 years 2 months
Doing LevFin In Hong KongDoes anybody have a view on HSBC's LevFin group in Hong Kong? They seem to be the leader in that area but I guess doing LevFin in Asia is not that hot, is it? Not a lot of buyouts going on so I was wondering if those guys were getting paid and what would be any exit opps down the line. 5 5 years 1 month
Rejected BBM offer but changed my mind...Hi all, 6 months ago i was recruiting for both consulting and banking I managed to get an offer from BBM and a bulge bracket. I was really really keen on BBM offer but for personal reasons (wife doesn't want to go to particular city where the offer was) I went for the bulge bracket offer... 21 5 years 4 months
Help! Declining an offer, but still considering...jsut got offer from a MBB, but about to reject it to try something outside consulting. (ie. banking) I was wondering - if you get the offer and decline it, is there a way to reapply let's say a year later if you realised you made a mistake? Or would you be "blacklisted" so to say? 4 5 years 10 months
Renege on Banking to do Consulting?? I'm so...Need some advice from the PE monkeys here... I used to workd for a second tier Bank in M... 9 5 years 10 months
How do you handle offers??? share strategies...Lets say you got an offer from a respectable BB bank. Great news. The guys are super eager for you to come on board. But at the same time, you get an invite for THE bank of your dreams, in THE group of your dreams (and its just 2min walk from your appartment). How would you handle the... 14 5 years 11 months
TMT groups - DB vs Citi??Which one would you pick between Citi TMT or DB TMT? I know Citi has had a lot of troubles and departures recently, but does it still have more prestige than DB? are S bulge brackets still better perceived? 13 5 years 11 months


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Hi there, going back to this thread as I'm in the...Hi there, going back to this thread as I'm in the same situation today again So what happened is that I did get a $200k sourcing fee payable upon closing, which was quite nice. Reason why this sounds high for a relatively small deal is that the multiple we paid was VERY low (c.4x instead of 6x... 20 1 year 3 months
........ 5 2 years 9 months
top MBA = brand on CV + alumni network Don' MBA = brand on CV + alumni network Don't underestimate the punchline value. A F500 CEO told me once that without his MBA, he would never have been picked to be the CEO (note: doesn't mean that a top MBA will turn you into a CEO) It's all about public image and perception that you are... 130 3 years 4 months
BTbanker: Did you go for the MBA because no PE...[quote=BTbanker]Did you go for the MBA because no PE shops would pick you up from IBD?[/quote] Correct, and also because I needed a "brand" on the CV. The thing is that people are so easily impressed by a fancy MBA degree so it really plays to your advantage. I got so many meetings with CEOs and... 130 3 years 4 months
Ravenous: (no disrespect to those programs,...[quote=Ravenous] (no disrespect to those programs, which are fantastic, it's just that those programs produce is not really aligned with what a good HF needs)[/quote] One more point - I don't think those MBA programs are fantastic at all. Academically speaking, you may find a couple of very... 130 3 years 4 months
had $130K of debt at graduation, and was pretty...had $130K of debt at graduation, and was pretty careful on how I spent the money. I interviewed with c.20 PE funds over 2 years, and none of them have ever paid for flight tickets. This was 2009 - they would just say: "if you don't want to come, fine, we have 300 other great applicants waiting to... 130 3 years 4 months
Based on what I experienced, I think that very...Based on what I experienced, I think that very few MBAs actually add value. If you are paying for it yourself, I would aim for Harvard, Stanford, Wharton (all 3 far ahead in terms of network quality) and maybe Chicago, Columbia, Kellogg, Stern and Insead if you can't get HSW. Anything else is a bit... 130 3 years 4 months
To respond to everybody: Lateral move is very...To respond to everybody: Lateral move is very hard, especially in this environment. Its very hard to move around in PE. Went to the final stages of a megafund, but they are on hold for hiring now, and haven't heard back for months, so I guess its not going to happen I saved largely thanks to... 130 3 years 4 months
don't even think about doing an MBA without...don't even think about doing an MBA without scholarships... unless you are single and plan to do IB/PE on graduation and will stick to it for a couple of years. Debt also detroys your option to go for a startup or do a job you really like. And you have immense peer pressure to spend and spend on... 130 3 years 4 months
O yes - have a wife and kid on the way. Wife...O yes - have a wife and kid on the way. Wife doesn't work. 130 3 years 4 months
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