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RoommatesAnyone going into FT still looking for a roommate? I've been looking at rent prices in Manhattan and it's pretty slim pickings for a one person studio under $1600... And I do NOT want to go with a broker. Besides urbanhostess, any other good forums to find roommates that are not sketchy? 8 years 1 month
Chances of entering PE without banking?A question for people currently in private equity: I was wondering how often do people break into PE without doing a stint in banking. I've heard of people coming in from consulting, but what about investment management or trading (without having to go back for a MBA)? I did an internship at... 8 years 1 month
Kind of sketchyI vaguely remember someone mentioned they were going to start a help page for getting an investment banking job. This person's asking for $40... it looks sketch. 8 years 5 months
Tri-ArtisanTri-Artisan Merchant Banking posted awhile back. Just wondering if anyone can tell me anything about them? 8 years 6 months
Fox-Pitt KeltonA new posting came up in our Careers page. A couple of friends are interested in it; just wondering if anyone can tell me about Fox-Pitt Kelton. Thanks. 8 years 6 months


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Suits Made in HK/ChinaI heard Sam's Tailors is good - anyone buy anything from them? I'm heading to HK some time too; how's WWChan for women's clothes? 8 years 1 month
Chances of entering PE without banking?Thanks Sabrine. 8 years 1 month
RoommatesEmployees of companies that signed on with urbanhostess get a login and can search for roommates (employees of the same or other companies). You get to see which company they are working with and you can get in touch with them. So less sketchy anyway. You signed a place already? So when do you... 8 years 1 month
Chances of entering PE without banking?Yeah, I'm hearing a lot about how students are landing PE jobs out of college, but I'm just wondering if they bother with analyst from other fields outside of banking. I'll be in something else within an bank's IB division, but it's not your traditional IB groups. It's really too early to say... 8 years 1 month
Chances of entering PE without banking?Thanks for your response, Bracketracer I'm guessing for other professions, they may have to be a bit higherup before they get noticed for PE vs. coming out as an analyst at a bank? 8 years 1 month
Richard IveyOh whoops, I didn't notice this was for consulting, sorry. Yeah it's pretty slim for consulting. But it gets better for full time... though it seems a few IBers from the summer jump ship over to consulting for FT and often get it because they have really good experiences from working in IB. 8 years 1 month
Richard IveyOverall, Ivey gets quite a bit of recruiters, not just all the Canadian banks, but the BBs as well for both Canadian and US offices. Those that have recruited from Ivey in the past will know what range of marks to expect from HBA1s for summer and HBA2s for full-time. The career management team... 8 years 1 month
Ban aspiringmonkeyA bit too late. He already decided to start his own business instead of going into banking... and I don't think he shows up too often anymore. 8 years 4 months
More classics from resumes/cover lettersAgreed. Thanks Mis Ind for a blunt, but truthful post. If you think bankers aren't laughing or poking fun at your resumes if they have mistakes or if it's a ridiculous shot in the dark, you've got another thing coming. Shouldn't the unnecessarily harsh comments on this board (even about other... 8 years 4 months
Help Needed: West Coast OfficesBB.MandA, do you know much about how JPM and Citigroup place in NYC? It seems like both you and ExGSbanker have emphasized they aren't desirable in the West if we want exit opps in either PE or HF. 8 years 4 months