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Hardest brainteaser ever?More mathy brainteasers! So if A^n+B^n=C^n , we all know there are many cases for n=2 (right triangles...) but for n>2, there are no solutions. Prove it. Anyone that knows anything about math/this problem: don't say anything. Just curious as to how people approach this problem/whether it... 17 4 years 5 months
A much harder Brain Teaser with a non-...Inspired by the other brain teaser thread (and surprised by how easy it was), I wanted to introduce this conceptually/semantically simpler, but much more difficult brain teaser. Once the answer is revealed, there's really nothing that can be argued about it, trust me. That's not to say that the... 11 4 years 5 months
Part time summer internships?Hey guys, I really want to take a few summer courses this coming summer (sophomore summer, not junior), and I was wondering whether boutique banks, PWM places/any other finance related jobs generally allow for part time positions over the summer. I don't want to hear anything about "if you... 3 4 years 6 months
George Soros on the Euro Crisis 1 4 years 7 months
Jeff Miron on Capitalism interesting video from Harvard economist and libertarian. 2 4 years 8 months
Your thoughts on higher educationI recently had an argument with my friend about college curricula. I was defending the merits of a solid liberal arts-based core, while he believed that most of the classes he was being forced to take were a waste of time. I told him that he did not deserve to be in college, thinking like that,... 89 5 years 4 months
Interesting Article on the "New Global Elite...An insightful article from the Atlantic. Not fascinating, but a good read that kills a fair amount of time at work :P The New Global Elite "F. Scott Fitzgerald was right when he declared the rich different from you and me. But today’s super-rich are also different from yesterday’s: more... 13 5 years 4 months
Which of these jobs would be better?Hey guys, I have the option of taking two jobs my freshman summer: 1. BoA Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management - I've done this before. Easy, know what I'm getting into. bitch work basically. 2. More bitch work at a medium sized law firm, dealing with M... 6 5 years 4 months
Varsity AthleticsI know being a Varsity athlete helps to a degree, but I was wondering whether being, say, one of the better teams in a competitive league helps your chances. I'm currently in one of the top 5 rowing teams in the nation and was wondering whether this would be more impressive than your run of the... 10 5 years 4 months
Internships as a Sophmore?Are there any BB/MM investment banking divisions known for recruiting strong sophmore candidates (high gpa, good leadership positions already, 2 Summers PWM experience, etc.)? Or do sophmores who get banking internships almost only get them through networking? Should I just try my luck cold... 6 5 years 4 months


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Why all of these complicated arguments about...Why all of these complicated arguments about whether it is good for you in the long run or not? It seems pretty self-evident that cheating, in most situations, is unethical. Therefore, you shouldn't do it, by the definition of "ethical." Of course, people do a lot of unethical things to get... 107 2 years 11 months
NorthSider: AnalystMonkey2769: the 125 IQ kid...[quote=NorthSider][quote=AnalystMonkey2769]the 125 IQ kid so that 140IQ kid can do something better with his life lol[/quote] Longitudinal studies have shown that IQ has almost no relationship with career success.[/quote] Depends on the field. The average IQ of successful mathematicians at... 84 3 years 1 month
The whole premise of this thread is flawed. Wall...The whole premise of this thread is flawed. Wall street guys don't "love muscles." Some of the work out a lot. Some of them don't. Some of them lift, some of them run. Some girls like muscles, some don't. There are plenty of douchey things people do, is caring about muscles really a question... 147 3 years 10 months
Lol, Illini's the only person in this two page...Lol, Illini's the only person in this two page thread that has had something both substantial and educated to add. I guess that statement still stands if I just leave the post at that.... so I'll just add a few things: if you think that every single person against banking is just jealous you... 91 3 years 11 months
The thing is, sure there are a bunch of stupid...The thing is, sure there are a bunch of stupid people who do well on the test. However, it still works pretty well as a filter. I don't know a single intelligent person (including those with ADHD, dyslexia, test anxiety problems) who scored below a 2200 on the first SAT practice test they took.... 40 3 years 11 months
Virginia Tech 4ever: This is a great story, but...[quote=Virginia Tech 4ever]This is a great story, but I wouldn't sell short the "importance" of banking--I'd argue that the drones do a lot more important work than a pianist. After all, high finance is basically the blood that makes the organs [edit: no pun intended! haha] of society work.... 292 4 years 1 week
Bea.tallica: Been doing m&a / ECM for 2...[quote=Bea.tallica]Been doing m... 52 4 years 2 weeks
The world would be a better place if people didn'...The world would be a better place if people didn't care as much about things. 151 4 years 2 weeks
Ravenous: No need to throw shit, but I really...[quote=Ravenous] No need to throw shit, but I really don't think the average consumer uses that many apps. I personally don't use any (and would never pay for one) and most of the people I talk to don't use apps either. Sure, I have a smart phone and check my email, etc., but most of these "... 80 4 years 3 weeks
All I see here is bankers/people who want to be...All I see here is bankers/people who want to be bankers trying to justify how fulfilling banking is when it's not. 99% of office jobs aren't that fulfilling, people just do them for the money. And there's nothing wrong with that. It's hard to always just go for something you love. Like I'd love... 115 4 years 1 month
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