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Women in the Workplace: How do you Guys Deal?Hello friends, I've had major issues with the opposite sex since entering the workforce. I wanted to share some of these problems and see if anyone can provide some guidance. Scene 1: For example, a while back this new girl started at the office; Absolute Bombshell, 10/10 drop dead... 9 months 1 week
Enterprise Sales > Canadian MBA > ConsultingHey Guys, I currently work in Enterprise Sales for a major software company (, Oracle, Microsoft) and I'm looking to make a career change. The parts of the job I enjoy - the presentations, the strategy, the custom solution building - align well with consulting. It seems like I... 1 year 6 months
Ad Hoc MBAHey guys, I currently run a business in the oil and gas industry. It's going very well so far, but I feel like I could use some formal business coursework. I don't have the time or the inclination to complete an MBA, so I was thinking I could put together a free/low-cost version with resources... 1 year 8 months
Back to School: Comp Sci?So I didn't survive a round of layoffs from my firm, which in retrospect isn't the worst because I don't think finance is for me. (Still sucks though) I graduated with a degree in economics from a semi-target, and I'm considering going back there to complete a computer science degree. My school... 3 years 8 months
Self Study? Finance, Accounting etc.Hey I'm looking to learn the basics of finance, accounting, economics, etc. Basically what one would learn in an undergraduate business education. Can anyone recommend a course of study? 4 years 7 months
Just got a Patek - Too much for the office?Like the title says, my old man just gave me his Patek Phillipe as a graduation present. Is this too much to wear at the office? I'm 25 and I don't want to give off the wrong impression... 4 years 11 months
Iphone 4 or ?I need a new phone, any thoughts on whether I should get the new Iphone or an Android? No more blackberries for me. 5 years 1 month
Technical vs. Non-Technical TradingAs the title suggests I'm interested in the merits of technical vs. non-technical trading. First of all, does "non-technical" trading even exist anymore? I constantly hear that finance is becoming more quantitative everyday, so are the non-technical positions becoming more technical? Will all... 5 years 4 months
Goldman Sachs warned of pending lawsuit 9 months...Yikes. Good thing MBA programs teach business ethics. 5 years 5 months


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i agree that the government shouldn't be involved...i agree that the government shouldn't be involved in student loans, we're on the same page. It doesn't matter if we're talking about private vs. Public lenders in this case, it's still a broken system. I'm very libertarian, but I also recognize that government isn't inherently evil or bad, it's... 1 hour 27 min
Industry84: Society also does not tell young...[quote="Industry84"]Society also does not tell young people to steal, and that is what you are doing when you borrow money and do not pay it back. My point is that people are responsible for making informed decisions and should be held accountable to the consequences of those decisions, regardless... 2 hours 11 min
Check out Vested Finance, they actually do that...Check out Vested Finance, they actually do that... 21 hours 31 min
We don't want student lending to be more...We don't want student lending to be more ubiquitous, the market is overfunded as it is. It should be difficult to get loans, not everyone should go to college. 22 hours 16 min
The difference between the scenarios you outlined...The difference between the scenarios you outlined and the original being discussed is external incentives. As a rule, society does not tell young people to become teenage parents, drink and drive, and abuse drugs and alcohol. They do however encourage children, ALL children, that going to... 22 hours 31 min
The idea that people will go to school and then...The idea that people will go to school and then never pay anything back is simply not true. They ran that experiment and found that while a tiny percentage of borrowers were bad actors, the overwhelming majority paid back their loans. Remember that you would still have to declare bankruptcy... 22 hours 53 min
Ha who's mad? I'm #winning, I'm just mature...Ha who's mad? I'm #winning, I'm just mature enough to recognize that I'm lucky to be good - I don't "deserve" success anymore than someone else deserves failure. 23 hours 26 min
The entitlement I see on this forum from kids...The entitlement I see on this forum from kids born on third base is sickening. Almost every single kid I know that went to a target had wealthy parents, and those born poor were also born brilliant; it's not like everyone starts at zero and then the hardest working inevitably win. I was lucky... 23 hours 50 min
More data does not necessarily equal better...More data does not necessarily equal better information; case in point Michael Burry absolutely destroyed almost every big name hedge fund manager during the credit crisis doing nothing more complex than reading 10ks and bond prospectuses. Buffett didn't *just* read Moody's manual, he simply... 2 days 3 hours
Haters gonna hate.Haters gonna hate. 4 days 22 hours
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling