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Women in the Workplace: How do you Guys Deal?Hello friends, I've had major issues with the opposite sex since entering the workforce. I wanted to share some of these problems and see if anyone can provide some guidance. Scene 1: For example, a while back this new girl started at the office; Absolute Bombshell, 10/10 drop dead... 117 1 year 4 months
Enterprise Sales > Canadian MBA > ConsultingHey Guys, I currently work in Enterprise Sales for a major software company (, Oracle, Microsoft) and I'm looking to make a career change. The parts of the job I enjoy - the presentations, the strategy, the custom solution building - align well with consulting. It seems like I... 2 years 1 month
Ad Hoc MBAHey guys, I currently run a business in the oil and gas industry. It's going very well so far, but I feel like I could use some formal business coursework. I don't have the time or the inclination to complete an MBA, so I was thinking I could put together a free/low-cost version with resources... 2 years 3 months
Back to School: Comp Sci?So I didn't survive a round of layoffs from my firm, which in retrospect isn't the worst because I don't think finance is for me. (Still sucks though) I graduated with a degree in economics from a semi-target, and I'm considering going back there to complete a computer science degree. My school... 16 4 years 2 months
Self Study? Finance, Accounting etc.Hey I'm looking to learn the basics of finance, accounting, economics, etc. Basically what one would learn in an undergraduate business education. Can anyone recommend a course of study? 2 5 years 1 month
Just got a Patek - Too much for the office?Like the title says, my old man just gave me his Patek Phillipe as a graduation present. Is this too much to wear at the office? I'm 25 and I don't want to give off the wrong impression... 38 5 years 6 months
Iphone 4 or ?I need a new phone, any thoughts on whether I should get the new Iphone or an Android? No more blackberries for me. 10 5 years 8 months
Technical vs. Non-Technical TradingAs the title suggests I'm interested in the merits of technical vs. non-technical trading. First of all, does "non-technical" trading even exist anymore? I constantly hear that finance is becoming more quantitative everyday, so are the non-technical positions becoming more technical? Will all... 1 5 years 11 months
Goldman Sachs warned of pending lawsuit 9 months...Yikes. Good thing MBA programs teach business ethics. 6 years 1 week


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I actually don't like heavy 5x5 style training...I actually don't like heavy 5x5 style training during high intensity career phases, rest is too important. Let's say you have a relatively easy day and you work from 8 till 8. You go crush heavy squats at the gym, and the next day there's a fire drill and you end up putting in 18 hours... You're... 93 2 weeks 6 days
Sorry but Vancouver is small time, and it's only...Sorry but Vancouver is small time, and it's only the 3rd best city in Canada. 56 3 weeks 1 day
If you're prepared to spend the money and get it...If you're prepared to spend the money and get it implemented properly, Salesforce all day. 15 1 month 5 days
You mentioned litigation here. I was thinking of...You mentioned litigation here. I was thinking of going to law school (non-U.S.) and litigation seems like more my jam than straight securities law. Can you speak to the experiences of your colleagues? Zero interest in being a career banker/deal maker. 15 1 month 1 week
Hey guys, I think that another point in favor of...Hey guys, I think that another point in favor of these high profile legacies or super accomplished candidates is that they can afford to pay the entire tuition without the need of any scholarships or fellowships or loans. So, such candidates also free up valuable financial aid dollars for the... 16 1 month 2 weeks
John-Doe8: Don't worry about payment term...[quote="John-Doe8"]Don't worry about payment term length; under no circumstances should you be planning on taking 10 years to get out of this debt. Consolidate and get a lower monthly payment in order to give yourself some breathing room, then develop a plan to start attacking this thing and get... 60 1 month 2 weeks
You have to write 10,000 words/50 pages (double...You have to write 10,000 words/50 pages (double spaced) per week at Oxford? Seems intense, can anyone confirm? 46 2 months 2 weeks
undefined: How much do you interact with other...[quote="undefined"]How much do you interact with other parts of the organization such as engineering or product?[/quote] Probably ~zero. Software engineers are typically segregated from the rest of the org; they really need peace and quiet to work properly... And honestly, the majority are... 26 5 months 1 week
tropos: Well, it's sensationalist, but true....[quote="tropos"]Well, it's sensationalist, but true. Women are really lacking at the higher levels and it's downright depressing for me, a woman working in finance. Nothing like continually struggling against the stream, while making sure you aren't fat or ugly (FO only for the most part), or that... 91 5 months 3 weeks
How about "the inability to say no"How about "the inability to say no" 145 6 months 2 weeks
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