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Wolf of Wall Street TrailerThink you guys will enjoy this! 2 years 1 week
Singles Awareness Day!Given every monkey's lifestyle on here, and all the Valentine's bs you'll have to deal with, thought I'd start us off right today... Happy Singles Awareness Day! Enjoy 3 years 4 months
1st Big Boy Paycheck - Keep your heads up!Dear fellow monkeys, I've been meaning to write this for a month or so now, but hadn't gotten around to it. The reason I felt I had to was because it could be of some use and/or inspiration to many of you out there still looking for a job, and just so you know, there is hope for everyone if I... 4 years 1 month
Silvio B. is the man!Just thought I'd share this with you guys... someone at work forwarded it to me last night. Tell me now if Silvio (Italy's PM) isn't your favorite PIMP right now, right up there with Heff and more "bi-winning" than Charlie? Scroll through the pictures and check out some of the beauties this guy has... 4 years 3 months
Advice needed for offer/interview situationGuys, Am in bit of a predicament, please offer some advice. I have recently been interviewing for small M... 4 years 9 months


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Accepted an Offer! - How non-targets can "...Congrats on the good work! Keep it up! 9 months 4 days
Bonus Bananas July 18th, 2014Great stuff as always. Thanks Eddie! 11 months 2 weeks
Sincere thank you to the WSO CommunityGreat job sir. Keep up the good work! 11 months 4 weeks
Just Turned 30; Here's Some Life Advice/...This was golden. Thanks for sharing. I really liked the Alan Watts video. Went online, read up on him, and bought a collection of essays off Amazon. Will start devouring it in the next day or so. 1 year 1 week
What's your drink of choice?Old fashioned (Maker's or Woodford). Resurgence of the brown spirits. 1 year 3 weeks
To anyone considering an MBAThanks for sharing. Great post! 1 year 1 month
Do You Watch Porn at Work?This blows especially since I'm guessing that EPA employees' salaries are our very own tax dollars hard at work. Makes me gag knowing full well what my FIT withholding is. I didn't sign up to work 100hr weeks and on top of that support these jerk**fs working from home. All puns intended. 1 year 1 month
What was your dream job as a kid?Fighter pilot. Hands down. Met a few Navy jet pilots and Army helicopter pilots along the way. Seemed pretty happy with their stuff. 1 year 2 months
I'm Out of BitcoinDamn, just noticed the price is down to $483... that blows big time. Unlike Uncle Eddie, I bought high and right now I'm sitting pretty low. I thought the IRS decision would legitimize it more so that harm the price. Guessing that Bitcoin is moving from fringe territory to mainstream, which may be... 1 year 3 months
Company asks me to renegeThe safe bet is to stick to the grind in the boutique M... 1 year 4 months