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Elisa LamSo.... anyone else following this? 8 3 years 2 months
Cold-Emailing Guide.Hi guys, I figured I would give this whole free online advice thing a try and articulate my thoughts on online networking. In my experience, the success of a "cold call" is largely determined by the communication that precedes it. I’ve never actually had to “cold call” in the normative sense... 211 10 months 10 hours
Hong Kong - Anyone around? Anyone around? Currently in Shenzhen and about to cross the border to start some new work. Happy to organize a mixer party if there's interest. 1 2 weeks 15 hours
“Doing God’s Work”- Religiosity, Work Ethic, and...I think it’s safe to assume that, according to strict interpretation of mainstream religions, most people I know are probably not going to heaven. Religion has never played a big part of my life, nor has it in those of most of my friends. We don't judge eachother and I think we’re perfectly happy... 17 4 years 2 months
LinsanityAny basketball fans keeping up with this? 54 4 years 2 months
Just wondering...Would anyone be interested if I made a thread for cold-calling techniques? I've taken a glance over some past threads that have been posted... nothing too substantive. Have a lot of experience re: this if anyone is still interested. Cheers, 7 4 years 3 months
How do you actually enjoy yourself at a club if...Just wondering. Is it possible? 22 4 years 7 months
Do you consider networking or hustling a "...It seems like there has been a recent slew of existentialist posts these days- "what is your saga", "life goes on", etc. I figured I would add my contribution as well. Like others, I might be doing banking for the wrong reasons- not really for the status, money, and certainly because of the... 6 4 years 7 months
Being Honest= Bad?I had coffee today with a top 5 liberal arts grad MD at a top BB. I explained my story, my rationale for wanting to go into investment banking, etc. My pre-packaged interview questions responses, insincere as they may have been, had worked on most senior level bankers I had encountered. But this... 24 4 years 8 months
Is it time for me to grow up and actually find a.... 7 4 years 3 months


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Also, re: my link, read the section on "...Also, re: my link, read the section on "background info", i.e. who to email. 211 1 month 5 days
Hey bud, Just wrote a thread on this, might be...Hey bud, Just wrote a thread on this, might be helpful: PM if you have any questions. 211 1 month 5 days
Really depends on what side of finance you want...Really depends on what side of finance you want to work on. Do you like studying financial statements/accounting/corporate strategy/deals or macroeconomics and public markets? The reason why I ask this is because if you're looking into IBD/Research/Fundamental analysis types jobs (a fair assumption... 7 2 years 4 months
I'd personally take the Fulbright over Deloitte....I'd personally take the Fulbright over Deloitte. It essentially allows you to delay your job search by a year (a year is enough time to find a new job if you're aggressive enough), and makes you more interesting. Who knows, you might meet some girl out there, start a kick-ass business, and say... 17 2 years 4 months
*Quarter*Quarter 13 2 years 12 months
companion: People tend to forget one thing: The...[quote=companion]People tend to forget one thing: The reason you work is because you lack capital. So you develop a skill and offer it to someone who have the capital you lack (i.e. employer). You get paid, invest that money, so that eventually you do not have to work. Cut the BS with the... 54 3 years 3 days
Toshi83: 15-20 years ago, the dilemma for...[quote=Toshi83]15-20 years ago, the dilemma for investing in China is too much risk, uncertainty, therefore opportunity, but too little capital. Nowadays, the dilemma has come, too many closet billionaires, too much capital, but a lack of quality prospects to invest in. Due diligence, credibility... 14 3 years 6 days
Welcome. Wish I had some SB's to throw at you....Welcome. Wish I had some SB's to throw at you. Overall, I mostly agree with what he said. Based on what I've seen, any second thoughts and any sense of ambivalence about life decisions will ultimately lead to mediocrity. I can't even imagine what kind of hell it must have been going through all... 32 3 years 3 weeks
The base question debated here is- "should you...The base question debated here is- "should you use your connections?", which really is "should you use whatever advantages conferred upon you by virtue of being born into whatever social strata you inhabit?" The answer is not really “yes” or “no”, but more a “you really don’t have a choice”.... 76 3 years 1 month
.. 66 3 years 2 months
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