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Bear's NumbersAren't they out yet? Can anyone comment on first year analysts? 8 years 7 months


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Sure it's a lot of data. 800mm users is...Sure it's a lot of data. 800mm users is incredible. At some point they will need to turn that into a profitable way to make cash. It's a public company so it's got to grow its earnings. Just saying "it collects so much data" is why it's worth $100bn? It's an advertising company, just like... 4 years 1 week
The valuation is a joke. 27x LTM revenue? To...The valuation is a joke. 27x LTM revenue? To put this in perspective, Google IPO'd at a revenue multiple of 10x. I believe that is a rational valuation for a company that is essentially the same thing - an advertising company representing the best platform at the time. People are paying... 4 years 1 week
Can't argue with a VT fan about football. They...Can't argue with a VT fan about football. They are convinced they're a top echelon team, and nothing can convince them otherwise. Not even worth trying. You ask a VT fan about their program and they will tell you with a straight face that their program is in the same league as an LSU, Bama,... 4 years 3 months
Centerview owns a stake in FBR.Centerview owns a stake in FBR. 4 years 6 months
That's a good question apprentice. Am finishing...That's a good question apprentice. Am finishing up year 4 in the banking ->PE track, and that question enters my mind way more now than it did in years 1-3. Of course it takes experience to learn this, as believe me I was the quintessential "M... 5 years 1 day
TheKing and bankbank are 100% correct. You're...TheKing and bankbank are 100% correct. You're still the lowest on the totem poll, and you'll be doing more than your fair share of mind-numbing, menial work most of the time. I'd say 75% of the time I'm doing similar tasks than what I did in banking. Not the exact same thing, but similar in... 5 years 1 day
Absolute sweat shop. The Phantom is right, that...Absolute sweat shop. The Phantom is right, that ratio should show you all you need to know about "lifestyle." 5 years 5 days
ChildPlease: "Like it or not, energy is...[quote=ChildPlease]"Like it or not, energy is considered specialized, especially the Houston scene where most of the banks (not all though) simply have converage groups and the execution is done out of New York, leaving analysts' skill sets even more specialized. " This isn't true at all firms... 5 years 5 months
ibintx: TexasIB- I noticed that you mentioned...[quote=ibintx]TexasIB- I noticed that you mentioned the huge disadvantage "outside of Texas." As far as non-energy in TX (especially HF's), would you say that there is still a "huge" disadvantage, or more of an even playing field? Thanks for the input.[/quote] Good question. I'd say it... 5 years 5 months
monty09: ibintx: Monty, do you work in Houston...[quote=monty09][quote=ibintx]Monty, do you work in Houston? If so, can you comment on question 3? (or any others)[/quote] 3. If one does there analyst stint in energy banking, are they pidgeon-holed to energy specific roles for the rest of their career? Or can you move on to non-energy HFs, PE... 5 years 5 months
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