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Math SlavesYup. This happened. Some of these questions are ridiculous. The teachers claim they were not being malicious, but its really difficult to see it that way. 14 4 years 3 months
Revenge of the MarxistsBefore you jump to any conclusions, do remember one of the core tenants of Marixism. Marx claimed that all capital (K) is really stored-up labor. For a quick primer, read here. The idea behind this is simple. All capital stores the value of labor that went into making that piece of capital. Thus... 4 4 years 5 months
MBA Hires - 2011 This article includes some links to the top companies in financial services, consulting, tech, and consumer products, and the number of business schools who reported hires to these companies. I was surprised by... 15 4 years 5 months
Pacquiao III MarquezAnyone watch? These guys came head to head in 2004 and 2008, and both were close fights. Tonights was also very close. Thoughts? 7 4 years 5 months
Facts and ChicksLearn something new here. MOD EDIT: Potentially NSFW, depending on how tightly twisted your boss's panties are. 10 4 years 5 months
Some Thoughts on InterviewsA few weeks ago, my father set up a meeting for me with his bosses boss. This guy basically runs wealth. This guy was brought out of retirement, in his mid-50's, to help a friend of his rebuild the WM division at the BB where my old man works. After a few minutes with him, he basically flat out... 23 4 years 6 months
Goodbye, BO to FO JumpMy old man works at UBS, and he was telling me about another consequence of the Adoboli "rogue trader" case: the end of bringing in employees from the back office or trade support to the front office. The reason is simple: these guys know firm processes and procedures, and thus, know the... 16 4 years 7 months
Bloomberg TechStars Anyone watch it yet? The first episode was pretty good. Its a standard reality competition show. Except the teams are small companies looking for a big break. If you have any interest in tech, it might be worth checking out. 1 4 years 7 months
Violence Towards Your ResumeOver the past few weeks, as recruiting season roles around, many of you monkeys are asking for some resume advice. Yet, I've noticed many of the threads use specific catch phrases such as "murder my resume" or "destroy my resume". Why the use of violent terms when talking about your resume?... 10 4 years 7 months
Is the Conglomerate model falling apart?Today, McGraw-Hill announced that it was splitting itself into two separate companies. This isn't the first time this has happened this year. Earlier this year, both Kraft and Motorola announced similar arrangements, each splitting their operations into two separate public companies (one of... 3 4 years 7 months


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RiskyBizness: I'm not the one who threw monkey...[quote=RiskyBizness]I'm not the one who threw monkey poo But I find your lack of keeping up on current events disturbing [/quote] What does this have to do with the OP at all? He isn't hating on Citi... 12 1 month 4 weeks
FT print hands down is better than WSJ. FT print...FT print hands down is better than WSJ. FT print doesn't have "skip to page 10" like a WSJ article does. Plus its a leaner paper, since its only two sections. 59 1 year 9 months
From what I understand, most analyst recruiting...From what I understand, most analyst recruiting is done in the fall (at least this is how it is at BB's I've talked with). I'd say take GMAT over the summer so you can actually put your score on your resume for the fall recruiting season. Taking the CFA in June would probably be too late to impress... 100 2 years 6 months
Double Majors Earn More (Originally Posted: 07/22...Double Majors Earn More (Originally Posted: 07/22/2010) Double-Major Grads Earn More Students who graduate from college with double majors earn 3.2% more than single-major grads, according to a study of U.S. schools by Steven W. Hemelt of the University of Maryland. The... 153 3 years 8 months
"Eddie: we haven't even figured out what the..."Eddie: we haven't even figured out what the Internet IS yet" Isn't this a line from The Social Network? Patrick I agree with you. I've been on facebook for 6 years, I honestly don't see any reason at this point why I would switch to another social network when everything I've done for the... 41 3 years 11 months
Just go to Already tons of SV people on...Just go to Already tons of SV people on there 39 4 years 1 month
drexelalum11: A JD is not only useless in terms...[quote=drexelalum11]A JD is not only useless in terms of helping you get a job in finance, it's increasingly useless in terms of getting you a job, period.[/quote] hahahahaha yah all the lawyers ive met who just graduated have pretty said the exact same thing 148 4 years 1 month
MBAApply: Unless you are going to practice law...[quote=MBAApply]Unless you are going to practice law (i.e. pass the state bar, work in a specific practice at a law firm), a JD has no real value in the job market. Keep in mind that an MBA is a generalist degree -- and business is a generalist profession. In other words, your ability to be a... 148 4 years 1 month
Bloomberg has actually been running a lot more "...Bloomberg has actually been running a lot more "content" on nights, including original shows like TechStarsTV and The Mentor. They also run BloombergWest, Taking Stock, and Bloomberg Rewind reruns at night. Thus, they've been skimping on the Asia content, but Euro coverage usually begins around 1AM... 15 4 years 2 months
The infamous DLJ office. In before everyone else...The infamous DLJ office. In before everyone else on WSO gets to it (although some might say UBS/Moelis is the true successor) 1 4 years 3 months
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