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5 Ways to Not Suck at NetworkingMod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 9/7/12. To see all of our top content from the past, click here. Kids ask how many bankers they need to contact or how many “informational interviews” they need to set up to score that magical offer. And then once they... 40 3 months 4 weeks
Chinese Gold FarmersIn case you missed it, there’s been an ongoing, sustained effort by the Chinese government to hack foreign governments, companies, newspapers-- basically anything or anyone with a computer. As usual, the Chinese government is trying to play coy in the face of a mountain of evidence. It really doesn... 45 3 years 2 months
5 Tools for Language MasteryIt’s fairly often enough that questions pop up asking about language learning. Usually the questions ask how useful it is to study a language, and which language one should study. If you go about it with the goal of fluency, then it is definitely useful, and will definitely pay off. I’ve found... 13 3 years 2 months
“This is what happens, Larry.”They call Los Angeles the “City of Angels”, I don’t think Standard... 4 3 years 2 months
The Fundamental Difference Between the US and...In the comments from my post last week about differences between the US and China, a few people had expressed interest in what Chinese people see remarkable about our culture. I think the biggest thing that almost in a sense fascinates Chinese people about our culture is our spirit of individualism... 8 3 years 3 months
Appearance vs. Substance in ChinaHave you ever wondered if all the new stuff they’re doing in China is really everything it’s chalked up to be? It’s a perfectly legitimate question to ask, especially so because in China appearance is far more important than substance. This isn’t meant to be a value judgment, to say that this is... 13 3 years 3 months
Killing Me Silently: Beijing's Smog Working in an office in and of itself usually wouldn’t expose one to hazardous conditions. The city in which one lives could have its fair share of dangers though. Crime is a given; all big cities have their fair share of crime, but it’s usually isolated in certain neighborhoods. The truly awful... 14 3 years 3 months
A Manufactured CrisisThis honestly has to be one of the dumbest ‘crises’ we have ever been in. After a series of arbitrary dates determined by short term, kick-the-can down the road fixes set by Congress, we have once again reached the debt ceiling. Once again the GOP is demanding considerable spending cuts in exchange... 21 3 years 3 months
The Marginalization of John BoehnerSo as of a few hours ago we have a solution now to the fiscal cliff. Kind of. Maybe. It seems that the only things they really agreed on were what taxes were going to rise and by how much. The agreement raises $620 billion over the next decade, but substantial spending cuts were left out of the mix... 14 3 years 4 months
China Is Headed for the Pits in 2013A few days ago, I gave Miss Cleo a call and got some ideas about a different perspective on my comments last week. Specifically she told me that I was painting too nice a picture and wasn’t being critical enough in my views. So without further ado, here are the same points told from a slightly... 45 3 years 4 months


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For starters, and don't take offense to this,...For starters, and don't take offense to this, from the little you have written I can tell that your English isn't very good. 2 3 years 1 month
I didn't read every post completely, so maybe I...I didn't read every post completely, so maybe I missed it, but I can't believe nobody's recommended simple exercise. You don't need to join a gym or do anything fancy. Just get a pair of running shoes and go out for 20-30 minutes. Exercise always makes you feel better. Also being in the office as... 119 3 years 2 months
f4tality: Not super crazy and I think it happens...[quote=f4tality]Not super crazy and I think it happens relatively often in Europe, but once I went to a networking event with a BB that took place the day before the OCR interviews, and I ended up going for drinks and eventually getting pretty drunk with the guys that would interview me the... 21 3 years 2 months
Monkeyfaces: dutchmiracle: I think a part of...[quote=Monkeyfaces][quote=dutchmiracle]I think a part of the business will shift away to other continents, but London is still representing a timezone and continent. And in that continent and timezone there will always be a need for financial services. If London is going down totally, it should... 24 3 years 2 months
CaR: One of my firm's counterparties--Anadarko...[quote=CaR] One of my firm's counterparties--Anadarko--just signed a contract in China whereby they keep every single barrel extracted, and the profits that go with them, for a full year (or more) as long as they instruct the Chinese host company best of practice procedures. I think that's a... 45 3 years 2 months
Amphipathic: Gotcha. I don't deny that I'm...[quote=Amphipathic] Gotcha. I don’t deny that I'm leaning in the camp that China is going to be the next sole superpower, not because feel it has some manifest destiny (you point out many its flaws in your threads), but rather because the West (America in particular) is too fucked up. I think... 45 3 years 2 months
"We truly believe that we have a very vigorous..."We truly believe that we have a very vigorous enforcement program." -SEC Chairwoman L.O.L. 160 3 years 2 months
Amphipathic: PetEng: According to his profile...[quote=Amphipathic][quote=PetEng]According to his profile he currently lives in China. I would assume he is a foreigner though. *shrug*[/quote] Ah didn't see that, I get the impression most people make up their profiles so I don't bother looking, my bad. My main concern was that the OP was just... 45 3 years 2 months
Lloyd has inspired me to grow a beard.Lloyd has inspired me to grow a beard. 16 3 years 2 months
trazer985: we had less than 1% of mortgages...[quote=trazer985]we had less than 1% of mortgages default, look where that got us. :) Still writing my longer version. Digging up stats and verifying them from multiple sources takes time, especially since i have a job.[/quote] Looking forward to your analysis. 24 3 years 2 months
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