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EPIC cover letter.This was just posted on BI. Apparently it's already flying around the street and people are actually giving the kid a shot. It would definitely be quite the inspirational story if he can leverage FT IBD at some point in the future from this... [quote] Sometimes we get forwarded applications for... 13 3 years 3 months
Move from Boutique Strategy Consulting to Corp...Hi Everyone, I trust everyone had (or is having) a great holiday break. Since the last time I posted on WSO, I've been through a whirlwind of unexpected events in the past year and now I'm at a bit of a crossroads. Long story short, I left the investment banking track in my senior year after... 5 3 years 4 months
The backlash of IndecisionHey guys, I find myself in a bit of an inconvenient situation at the moment guys. As I'm sure many of you have seen a post by me before I'll just keep things brief: Graduating May 2012 with double degrees in Finance and Statistics (GPAs of 3.80 and 3.65 respecively) from a Canadian school.... 4 4 years 6 months
When to pull the trigger?Hi guys, So as the school year draws to a close I've been networking up a storm getting ready for next fall's full time recruiting process. I'm doing a SA gig in S... 6 5 years 3 weeks
Alternate route to energy PEHey guys, As I've mentioned before I'm a junior looking to enter energy infrastructure PE in the next 5-7 years, and although I have the opportunity to go the traditional energy banking + MBA route, I'm more interested in the industry itself than the aspects involved in IBD. I understand that... 6 5 years 1 month
Slave to Prestige?Hey guys, So I've been thinking alot lately about the emphasis we (prospective/current finance professionals) put on value judgments of prestige and success. I understand that for many its more than often a struggle to strike a foothold in such a competitive industry, and those value judgments... 109 5 years 2 months
Harvard 2+2 chances?Hey Guys, So I'm a little bit OCD in that I like to have my ducks in a row before I go ahead with anything but I want to ask the monkeys here how my chances are at the Harvard 2+2 MBA program. My statistics look comparable to stories I've heard/posters in WSO forums asking about the program but... 13 5 years 2 months
Energy Banking in Africa and back to NA?Hi guys, I've been investigating my FT recruiting options for next fall and I have to say, although I'm spending the summer at a BB in the US, I'm not completely sold on working/living there full time. It may very well be my best option and it's possible I will find myself in the states come... 9 5 years 2 months
Project finance? - Staying in the energy/...Hey guys, Now that I have my summer worked out I'm starting to explore what I want to pursue for FT in the fall. I'm definitely pretty firm on staying in the energy/infrastructure space but I've recently been looking into Project Finance groups. I'm not concerned with exit ops just something... 9 4 days 9 hours
Liquidity theory books?Hey there, I'm writing a paper on pricing in stimulus (increases in MS1 and MS2 indicators) to securities, in the long and short run. I have a few books on liquidity theory for asset pricing, and pricing for macro indicators but I was wondering if you guys at WSO had any (more tech) texts you... 5 years 2 months


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and U. Michigan/UVA.... not including Ross and...and U. Michigan/UVA.... not including Ross and McIntire would be ridiculous. 217 3 months 1 week
txjustin: Take a practive test from and...[quote=txjustin]Take a practive test from and see where you stand. That's the only way you can even begin to know how much you need to study.[/quote] Great advice, not to take away from Stacy Blackman's pointers but not everyone needs to invest so much time into prep. It is after all an... 89 2 years 5 months
The kid obviously has some moxy; I have to say...The kid obviously has some moxy; I have to say though, my favorite part is that the only word he spelled incorrectly was "crap". Additionally, that he used the word "crap"... 13 3 years 3 months
Thanks Nouveau Richie, It's not purely about MBA...Thanks Nouveau Richie, It's not purely about MBA but I want to move to a strategic role in Media/Entertainment (think Disney/Paramount/Sony etc.) post-MBA so I guess the tech/media company is more relevant. However, from a cursory look at placement stats, as long as you're in a top MBA program... 5 3 years 4 months
*bump*bump 5 3 years 4 months
Thanks byucko, although I think you might have...Thanks byucko, although I think you might have misunderstood my question. Of course consultants contribute heavily to top MBA admissions and MC provides solid experience, I'm interested in whether consulting at a BOUTIQUE (but growing) firm is preferable to a Corporate Strategy role at a large F500... 5 3 years 4 months
Jamess1: kalga: Did the F1 thing. Other good...[quote=Jamess1][quote=kalga]Did the F1 thing. Other good ones in recent memory were dune buggies in Baja, deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and my favourite, watching the Monaco Grand Prix from a yacht. In terms of how common, it depends on how big the deal was and how much money was made.... 23 3 years 4 months
In Montreal: It depends, it's a party city so it...In Montreal: It depends, it's a party city so it depends on your personality but the nightclub scene is pretty fantastic; from sketchy after hours spots like Red Lite and Circus to Time and 1234. Alot of nice restaurants, nice cars and beautiful people off Rue St. Catherine and St. Laurent. If you'... 6 3 years 5 months
Add Wall Street Oasis to Flipboard on iOS or...Add Wall Street Oasis to Flipboard on iOS or Android. Looks beautiful and gives you everything a native app would in this case. 12 3 years 5 months
Aww man, not even Sauder, you go to SFU? Wow....Aww man, not even Sauder, you go to SFU? Wow. Good luck, IG 5 3 years 5 months
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling