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deleted - 3 years 5 months
Amateur networking with alums I reached out to an alum who is the VP of a desk I'm gunning down. He told me to contact him sometime during towards the end of June or early July, however I'm currently traveling and as excited as I was when I had initially received his response, it had totally slipped my mind. Considering... 8 4 years 10 months
Anyone else on Elitetrader?Just curious. 1 4 years 12 months
Upcoming Foreign Exchange Show on CNBC This should be interesting. In an increasingly volative market that relies heavily on technicals, I'd love to hear the CNBC commentators make a complete fool of themselves. Then again, they have Dennis Gartman on board. Anyone know how I can stream CNBC live... 5 years 1 month
Bridgewater Associates - World's largest...Bridgewater has been getting a lot of media attention for all the wrong reasons as of late. As such, I was curious about Bridgewater's trading strategies and the markets that they trade. From the interview, it was quite clear that Ray Dalio uses Global Macro. However, I was in for a surprise- they... 3 1 week 5 days
Schematic for Investing in Emerging MarketsI'm currently interested in expanding my knowledge with regards investing in emerging markets (China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Korea, Middle East, Russia etc), preferably with a global macro/ top-down approach. Any suggestions on books, sites or blogs that provide specific insight into investing in... 5 years 2 months
Few things put a smile on my face....Part1: Part2: 1 5 years 2 months
And you thought zerohedge was oozing with...Surprisingly, this video was posted by a hedge fund manager: I found it a bit amusing, but it does have some validity. 2 5 years 3 months
BNP Paribas promotional videoJust stumbled upon this video: Indian propaganda. ha-larious. 13 5 years 3 months
CASA Energy- DubaiThanks for the lack of advice. 5 years 3 months


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give it some time and dont fret...give it some time and dont fret... 2 1 year 2 months
Nebular: This is strange: versus...[quote=Nebular]This is strange: versus what's going on here?[/quote] WTS prop is based in NY, while WTS trading is based in MTL. Seems odd. 540 1 year 6 months
Thanks for the awesome post eydey! Does FNYS...Thanks for the awesome post eydey! Does FNYS purely focus on taking directional positions using non-quantitative methods (risk arb, catalysts, technicals)? 540 1 year 6 months
Is this kid fictional? Any source?Is this kid fictional? Any source? 540 1 year 6 months
IlliniProgrammer: In reality, the best...[quote=IlliniProgrammer] In reality, the best proprietary trader last year was a 14 year-old kid from Billings, Montana who thought some penny-stock candy company was a good investment and managed to snag a 15-bagger with $200 of his lawn mowing money. [/quote] Sounds like a pre-pubescent... 540 1 year 6 months
mcmoran23: arden: Optiver is a fucking joke...[quote=mcmoran23][quote=arden]Optiver is a fucking joke give me a break. the only legit ones are jsc sig and Getco[/quote] Why do you think Optiver is a joke ? Did you have a bad experience with them ?[/quote] To resurrect a highly cliché quote: "Opinions are like assholes- everyone has one." 540 1 year 6 months
Other than JSC, I'd say Optiver.Other than JSC, I'd say Optiver. 540 1 year 6 months
Lol, googling wsj articles is one of those things...Lol, googling wsj articles is one of those things that many are aware of, but few speak of due to the risk of the method being blocked. 59 1 year 9 months
Having subscribed to the Economist, WSJ and...Having subscribed to the Economist, WSJ and Business-week in the past, I can say that FT is nothing short of stellar. 59 1 year 9 months
Buy 220 CDH4 (cadusd): Medium term mean-reversion...Buy 220 CDH4 (cadusd): Medium term mean-reversion trade as CAD looks highly over-extended. Fiscal drag and obnoxious weather will weaken US data, putting forth fertile grounds to strangle short CAD positions and trigger stops. With non-opec oil supply decreasing, WTI will eventually rebound.... 265 2 years 3 months
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