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2011 NFL Draft - Excited or Not So Excited?So anyone geared up to watch the draft tonight? As a long time Raiders fan, I wish I could say I am, but I'm not. We traded away our first round draft pick on an aging defensive end. Thus, we have no 1st round picks. I also think the Panthers are making a HUGE mistake if they pick Newston at #1.... 29 5 years 4 days
SSA & Company - Upcoming Interview I've got an interview with the aforementioned consulting firm this week and I was curious to know if anyone had any information on interviewing, culture, salary, etc. about this firm. The interview was highly unexpected after a casual conversation with a woman who turned out to be a recruiter for... 2 5 years 1 week
Wardrobe Advice 4 The SummerA couple of years ago, I got turned on to Thomas Pink through this site, and I've been hooked ever since. I like to go for the sleek European look so I just thought I would toss this out there and see what kind of feedback I would get. I'm looking to change it up for the summer and possibly going... 8 5 years 1 month
Business School - At What Price Is It A Risk To...So here's a quick one: I got into a really heated argument with a friend the other day who was all excited about heading off to b-school in a couple of months. He's probably headed to Columbia and he was all, "yeah, I'm golden. blah, blah, blah...". I basically told him that if he's cool with being... 12 5 years 1 month
Expired Securities Licenses - Question for...I wanted to get some feedback from experienced people who have seen this. Although you may not be on that side of the business (anything sales related or security product related), does anyone know what's the rule on this? Once your licenses expire and you have no intention of reviving them, do you... 5 5 years 3 months
Goldman Sachs & Internet Banking: The End of...So, some of you may have heard the chilling rumors surrounding Goldman and their potential interest in internet retail banking to strengthen their balance sheet and help fund other business ventures. Let me ask you; as if any Wall Street association in this current melee is not shameful enough,... 2 7 years 5 months
Programming Literature ReccomendationsI'm on the cusp of a few potential offers for some quantitative trading roles. I think someone posted some reccomendations on books/articles etc. to read for learning to use both VBA and SQL a while back, so pardon my question if I'm reposting. I've got a solid fundamental knowledge of C++, so... 2 8 years 8 months
Sub-Prime Bailout?So, a few hours after we witness the Dow Jones suffer a record low for the year because our beloved BB's have undermanaged their risk and exposure to asset backed securities, particularly CMOs and CDS's, the market is back in an upswing after the flood of international market liquidity... So... 1 8 years 8 months
A Career CrossroadsHey guys, I have a relatively important question to ask given my circumstance. I would sincerely appreciate if only 2nd year analysts or individuals with longer career experience would respond... I was recently contacted by a recruiter at a BB (think Merrill, JPM, GS)regarding potential... 3 8 years 9 months
Thank You Mr. GreenspanAlthough Mr. Greenspan is no longer officially the Fed chairman, it appears as though the markets and the masses, still quiver with anxiety whenever he mouths off. Thanks to Mr. Greenspan and his poignant remarks, the market immediately shat on itself today, undoubtedly apprehensive about the... 16 9 years 2 months


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Usually depends on the amount... MM bank, >15K...Usually depends on the amount... MM bank, >15K, probably will attempt to recover. BB bank 135 1 year 11 months
?????? 28 3 years 2 weeks
18th Street will be packed no matter the fucking...18th Street will be packed no matter the fucking day. Circa is decent, but the layout is a little awkward. My vote would be for Ozio Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge. On a Wednesday, it should be relatively empty. Snitches get stitches. 13 3 years 5 months
Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining.Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining. 18 3 years 8 months vadremc: It's good to...[][quote=vadremc]It's good to see this site continue to grow. I got on back in 2007 and I still check in from time to time...[/quote] thanks vadremc - how could we make it part of your daily routine? :-)[/quote] Hey sorry it took me so long to respond - I'm in bschool... 34 3 years 8 months
It's good to see this site continue to grow. I...It's good to see this site continue to grow. I got on back in 2007 and I still check in from time to time... 34 3 years 10 months
Fuck you Jorge. I don't know who you are but you'...Fuck you Jorge. I don't know who you are but you've already pissed me off before my 2nd cup of coffee. Nobody is fucking leading in Washington and if you stopped to look at both sides objectively, you would see that. I'm not going to sit here and write a diatribe of what the President has... 3 4 years 9 months
All you teeny boppers sound ridiculous. Worry...All you teeny boppers sound ridiculous. Worry about getting some good snatch first before you worry about your spouse to be... Nothing worse than marrying some woman with some below average vag... 206 4 years 9 months
This post is GAY. Can I still say that?This post is GAY. Can I still say that? 27 4 years 9 months
rcm: ProdigyOfZen: don't like I'm hispanic,...[quote=rcm][quote=ProdigyOfZen]don't like[/quote] I'm hispanic, though.[/quote] LMAO! LMAO! Oh shit, I'm dying over here.... As if THAT makes it acceptable. LMAO! Oh shit, I'm dyin' over here... 50 4 years 9 months
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