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Easy, cheap, portable dual screens for a laptop. What do you think of this, WSO? It's easy to use, cheap and offers a simple dual screen solution with a number pad. Personally, I'd be sold if it had tablet capabilities. 10 5 years 4 months
Cocaine is a hell of a drug. 11 5 years 4 months
Four Loko? Nah, check this shit out!'Whipped Lightning' [quote=]Introducing Whipped Lightning®, the world’s first alcohol-infused whipped cream. A tasty topping that can dress up any drink. Try it on shots... 3 5 years 4 months
Favorite song?What's your favorite song, WSO? I'll start - Lux Aeterna By Clint Mansell I shat a brick the first time I heard it. And please, no Justin Bieber. 70 5 years 4 months
Puddi puddi!How long can you watch/listen to this video for? I put it on a loop and listened to it for over 9000 seconds. Cheers! 6 5 years 4 months
[Internship: Freshman] What would be better?Let's say I have great contacts with whom I've been speaking with for a while in two major banks - the first a BB and the second a major European bank. The first option would result in an internship in IBD over the summer [freshman year] The second option would result in an internship in Corp... 6 5 years 5 months
CMA Designation in IBD?I just read about the CMA designation - certified management accountant. The curriculum seems pretty finance relevant. I'm wondering if I should try to get it if my goal is to enter IBD after my undergraduate degree. Is it any good? Thanks. 3 5 years 8 months
Canadian Universities - comparison to US...Hey everyone, I was just wondering how you would compare Canadian universities (undergrad) to American universities for their business schools. I didn't even consider applying to the US due to the cost of tuition - Canadian schools are much, much cheaper. The main two universities I'm... 9 5 years 11 months
Canadian undergrad - disadvantage?Hey, I've been going through this sub-forum, and I've noticed a majority of the people applying to the main B schools (H/S/etc) are from ivy or top 10 finance schools in the US. How do Canadian schools work when it comes to such rankings? I purposely chose to study in Canada due to the cheaper... 6 years 6 days
University of Toronto - Rotman CommerceUniversity of Toronto - Rotman School of Commerce. How is it for an undergrad major? From forums, it seems Queen's > UoFT, yet whenever I speak to anyone in a bank, they all say they would choose UoFT over Queen's any day. 55 6 years 1 week


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The game looks like a painting.The game looks like a painting. 43 3 years 11 months
The game looks like a painting.The game looks like a painting. 43 3 years 11 months
Let's be honest here - who would have done the...Let's be honest here - who would have done the same? Skip to around 2:30. 10 3 years 12 months
edit: double postedit: double post 36 4 years 2 days
Awesome post. I've interned at an e-commerce...Awesome post. I've interned at an e-commerce startup and it was a great experience. 36 4 years 2 days
maximumlikelihood: unslain: Never really got...[quote=maximumlikelihood][quote=unslain]Never really got into these games, are they any good?[/quote] You noob. I tppk u.[/quote] That's from D1, isn't it? I vaguely remember playing it online, was far too young to remember (8-9). 21 4 years 2 days
I played a lot of the beta some time back. While...I played a lot of the beta some time back. While I didn't find it as fun or addictive as D2, it was a pretty decent game. I'll probably buy it, but I'm not planning on actively playing it (at least to the level that I played D2 in middle school). 21 4 years 2 days
Thanks for the youtube link. Very interesting...Thanks for the youtube link. Very interesting video. 58 4 years 2 days
Macro Arbitrage: Nachos: My (ex) boss worked...[quote=Macro Arbitrage][quote=Nachos]My (ex) boss worked basically until he had enough money to start his own business (startup) as well.[/quote] What type of firm did he start?[/quote] e-commerce startup 14 4 years 8 months
During their lunch break?During their lunch break? 17 4 years 8 months
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