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Harris Williams?Any idea how far below street the bonus is? Also, any additional comp for San Francisco over Richmond? 6 years 12 months
Harris Williams?Any idea on compensation? Comparable to bulge? 6 years 12 months
Think Equity?Respected research guys, small banking group. Pay is comparable with Street. 8 years 2 months
Need Help Getting Into IBAgree 100%. You can go back for an MBA after only a year and be in line for an Associate role. (Others may disagree but I have seen many examples of this. Not just superstars either) 8 years 2 months
Need Help Getting Into IBExactly what you've been told. Or focus on small shops 8 years 2 months
Is USC a Target?Depends on the bank. (Same can be said for most schools) 8 years 4 months
savingsJK Lasser has a decent book, and I've also read CNN and MSN Money articles over the years that have some ideas. Best advice is to talk to any friend or colleague that is in the business. I worked in a tax firm while in undergrad and got all my ideas there. 8 years 4 months
savings[quote=Mis Ind] Bonuses tend to be taxed a flat 40%-47%, depending on what code it falls under and where you live. You do not get $150k to spend as you please when you're an analyst. It's a LOT closer to $80k. [/quote] You are mistaken about taxes, as the previous poster noted. Bonuses... 8 years 4 months
Commercial banking to I-banking?Indiana 8 years 6 months
Calling Current Bankers: Grand GPA/School List[quote=aspiringmonkey]if you are not from a target school then yes, 3.5 is the cut off.[/quote] Not true 8 years 6 months