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Useful Applications and Tools What apps and tools does your company use and do you find the most useful? I work in real estate investment management and here's a few of mine off the top of my head: Task Management - Asana Email/Calendar/Contacts/Document Collab - Google Apps CRM - Highrise Document Management - Egnyte... 5 2 years 5 months
Interested In Purchasing Knopman Series 79...Interested In Purchasing Knopman Series 79 materials - possibly multiple books/packages. 1 4 years 4 months
Spinning off division of Publicly Traded ComapnyWhat would spinning off a division of a publicly traded company and allocating it as a privately held special purpose entity entail? 1 5 years 6 months
OTCBB to Listed ExchangeHow would a small-cap publicly traded non-listed company, say on OTCBB, go about migrating to a listed exchange such as Nasdaq capital markets? 2 5 years 6 months
Boutique I-bank vs. Merrill PWM InternshipI'm a college senior in my last semester and after cold-calling and searching for numerous internship opportunities I finally landed two and I'm having a tough time deciding which one to go with. One is with a small local boutique Investment Bank that's concentrated in local capital market... 9 5 years 11 months


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BTbanker: The base Model S is slower than an...[quote=BTbanker]The base Model S is slower than an Escalade and bare-bone on the inside... When you add all the options, it almost comes close to competing with the lowest models of the 3 brands I mentioned, and comes at a similar price. [/quote] 93 2 years 2 weeks
Shouldn't be difficult. It's like anything else....Shouldn't be difficult. It's like anything else. If you were breaking into commercial you'd have to learn intricacies of it, get used to sq. ft. vs. unit metrics, learn Argus, etc. Many would agree that hotel is one of the most exciting property types. You'll have to learn the ins and outs of... 3 2 years 1 month
My friend's been following these guys http://...My friend's been following these guys for a while and they seem to be trying to get into the interim financing biz: 16 2 years 1 month
Only show i watch with my girlfriend as well, and...Only show i watch with my girlfriend as well, and one of the few things i watch on TV. I can't see how Barbara was the best "strategic" choice for the sock company, unless they know something i don't (i'm sure they all do extensive research on each shark before going on). The sharks... 47 2 years 5 months
PF_CRE: Maps: mapsengine (google) scribblemaps...[quote=PF_CRE]Maps: mapsengine (google) scribblemaps (google) Getting info out of PDF docs: Scraperwiki or Openrefine (though I can't figure out how to use either yet) Rsmeans sucks. Unless you pay for it. I need an accurate free source. [/quote] We pay for RSMeans square foot estimator which... 5 2 years 5 months
Their building also has one of the coolest...Their building also has one of the coolest parking garages i've seen I've worked with their guys on several projects. Culture seems relatively laid back - some of their managers/partners I heard are avid surfers. They make some interesting investments (primarily senior secured, preferred equity... 5 2 years 5 months
DCD what's your company's source of capital? Is...DCD what's your company's source of capital? Is it private/public? 56 2 years 6 months
DCDepository: nelobynature: @DCDepository , it...[quote=DCDepository] nelobynature: @DCDepository , it's unfortunate you ended up at so many dead-end start-ups. Did you ever consider venturing off on your own rather than counting on someone else as principal? Have you completely buried the idea of giving it another shot ever again? I've... 26 2 years 6 months
She's just emotional. Won't happenShe's just emotional. Won't happen 6 2 years 6 months
It seems like your sole focus is money, which i'd...It seems like your sole focus is money, which i'd venture to say is the root of a great amount of startup failures. The self-made successful entrepreneurs that I've met had a different mindset when starting. Whether an adventurous/entrepreneurial spirit, passion to create change in or innovate a... 26 2 years 6 months
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