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Sands Capital ManagementWho can fill me in on Sands Capital? 4 5 years 7 months
Case Study Help - Rising senior A few days ago I had an hour long phone chat with an alum that runs a Tiger Cub. I'm a rising senior, and I was just getting info from the guy concerning ER vs. IBD for eventual long/short equity employment. His fund is fairly secretive, and the only real info online is the 13F, which I read... 1 1 week 3 days
Why does PWM suck?Title says it all. Just curious what the comments will bring. 9 5 years 8 months
Boutique Private Equity InterviewI've got an interview coming up with a regional boutique firm (dozen bankers) that does private equity, M... 5 5 years 9 months
Breaking into Equity Research - How difficult is...How difficult is it to break into Equity Research fresh out of school? I attend a target school (a top 15 LAC) and have all the requisite stuff on my resume - 3.7+ GPA, econ major, significant accounting/finance coursework, FIG analyst for the school's endowment club, two strong internships.... 12 1 week 3 days
Veritas PrepVeritas looks great based on their website - is this true or is it just skillful propaganda? I've never heard any third party reviews of their GMAT prep offerings. 2 6 years 23 hours
"Early Career," etc. Business School...I'm finishing up my junior year at a top liberal arts school, and I'm weighing my options for whatever I end up doing postgrad. I'm an Economics and Classics double major, with a ~3.8 GPA (inducted into Phi Beta Kappa). I'm also an analyst with the school's Investment Club/Society, which manages... 13 6 years 23 hours


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UzbekistanHasOil: Modern Day Yuppie, not so...[quote=UzbekistanHasOil]Modern Day Yuppie, not so fast. Public finance is not a 9-5 job. Its 8-midnight at the analyst level at the BBs and is is around 9-8 at the mid tier banks. Clients vary from state and city governments, hospitals and utilities cooperatives. It all depends on group... 8 5 years 7 months
Public Finance typically has very laid back hours...Public Finance typically has very laid back hours (face time is basically 9-5 at some places) since your clients aren't corporations (ie, in it to profit). 8 5 years 7 months
Questions; sorry for the ambiguity.Questions; sorry for the ambiguity. 5 5 years 7 months
^I'd be interested in that as well...^I'd be interested in that as well... 5 5 years 7 months
Darden, bitchDarden, bitch 21 5 years 7 months
prospie: Irrelevant. I'm talking about...[quote=prospie]Irrelevant. I'm talking about colleges with preppy, silver spoon east coast white kids. Point is you're not really a born and bred, traditional aristocrat if you work hard enough to get into harvard.[/quote] Hmm, strange that you find this disconfirming evidence irrelevant when... 42 5 years 7 months
prospie: BigBucks: jjc1122: it's no longer...[quote=prospie][quote=BigBucks][quote=jjc1122]it's no longer the bastion for rich wasps who want to relax for 4 years while playing lacrosse.[/quote] too many asians, those days are gone[/quote] nailed it. these days i imagine the only schools that could possibly be described that way are... 42 5 years 7 months
(Commercial) Bank Failure HFT/Program/Algorithmic...(Commercial) Bank Failure HFT/Program/Algorithmic Trading 3 5 years 7 months
BumpBump 4 5 years 7 months
BumpBump 4 5 years 7 months
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling